20 Ways to Drink Headbanging Caffeine-Mugs for Metalheads

Whether you like your coffee as black as the ace of spades or your tea sweeter than cutie sensations Baby Metal, it won’t say much about your allegiance to heavy rock unless you sup it from the correct vessel. So why not cradle your black nail polished paws on one of these fetching Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Coffee Mugs?

There are hundreds if not thousands of these printed tea/coffee cups on the market, so I’ve made a sweep of some of my faves. This Rock n Metal Collectables post could go on forever, so to save you time here are 20 hand-picked one’s to get yer greasy gobs around. Enjoy.


1. AC/DC High scoldage rock n rollHeavy Metal Coffee Mugs-AC/DC Coffee Mug

Eye catchingly good and a fair warning from the Aussie rockers. It’s Bold logo will make a statement upon your coffee table. High Voltage Rock n’ Roll can be dangerous, so don’t try to duck walk with a brim full of scolding coffee!



2. IRON MAIDENIron Maiden-Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Coffee Mug

After Galloping off in with the Trooper and flying Aces High in airborne dog fights, you can snap out of that reverie from maidens many history lessons. Come safely back down to earth brandishing a soothing cuppa in your soft cosy armchair. Or get all lost at sea in this seafaring Rime Of The Ancient Mariner coffee mug.



3. DEF LEPPARDDef Leppard Coffee Mug

The Sheffield steel city rockers may have gone off the boil after their Hysteria days, but you can still soak in the all old rockin’ fave’s. As the Lepp’s frontman Joe Elliot asks the question on the hit single Pour Some Sugar On Me, “do you take sugar, one lump or two?



4. SLAYERSlayer Coffee Mug

Tracks like Mandatory Suicide, Angel of Death & War Ensemble are a sobering thought, but even you might think to start a war by demanding who’s turn it is to get the kettle on with this handy classic logo thirst quenching cup.



5. METALLICAMaster of Sup it!Metallica Coffee Mug

Bay area Thrash pioneers Metallica once earned the name of Alcoholica. Here you can sensibly say nothing stronger than one heap teaspoon of instant has ever entered your fine homage paying ‘Tallica mug. So be the Master of Sup it with this none more blackened ceramic beaker.



6. MOTORHEADMotorhead Coffee Mug

Given Lemmy’s less than teetotal lifestyle. It seems ironic to fill your cup with a healthy tea bag or any other safe natural stimulants. A mug designed to hold tea or coffee, but Jack & Coke is however, at your discretion.



7. JUDAS PRIESTJudas Priest Coffee Mug

It’s hard to figure out what’s more British. Judas Priest’s British Steel or drinking tea. Either way, you can certainly have the best of both worlds in celebration of the metal gods ground breaking 1980’s album.



8. MAY BE OLD BUT I GOT TO SEE THE COOL BANDSI May Be Old But I Got To See All The Cool Bands Rock & Roll Coffee Mug

Let the young whippersnappers know you’ve seen all the classic bands while they were just a twinkle in their fathers eye. This coffee cup will tell ’em you’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and now of course, the mug. Rock on!



9. MOTLEY CRUEMotley Crue Coffee Mug

While their final tour sadly comes to end and we’ll never hear Girls Girls Girls played live again, you can always experience that old familiar feeling & get yourself into something warm and wet with this retro Crue coffee mug.



10. AEROSMITHAerosmith Coffee Mug

As in the 70’s track Mama kin, you won’t be sleeping late and smoking tea, because here you have the perfect excuse to imbibe the Indian leaf the traditional way. So there’s absolutely no need to resort to smoking it.



11. GUITAR AMP MUGGuitar Amp Coffee Mug

This cube shape guitar amp mug looks the business for anyone wanting to quaffle the caffeine, but I would hasten to add it may be a little cumbersome to drink from. Still, it looks proper good whilst getting ‘jacked into’ your morning fix.



12. KISSKiss Coffee Mug

The Detroit city rockers May have told you to ‘lick it up’, but there are more civilised ways to swill back your favourite brew by way of this handy ceramic object.



13. OZZYOzzy Coffee Mug

Bat biting and the head of a dove. Pissing on the Alamo. Strangling his wife, Ozzy’s certainly stirred up some controversy over the years. Here’s one way you can stir up your own storm in a tea cup without getting into too much hot water.



14. PANTERAPantera Coffee Mug

The Cowboys from hell may eat a lot of beans down in Fort Worth Texas, but you’ll just have some ground ones of the Arabica variety in your cool but hot as Hell Patrol Pantera coffee mug.



15 BLACK SABBATHBlack Sabbath Coffee Mug

What is this that stands before me? Well, quite clearly it’s a mug to hold a hot beverage in. So go on then, don’t get Paranoid and pick it up with your Hand Of Doom!



16. GUNS N ROSESGuns n Roses Coffee Mug

Recently simmering tensions seemed to calmed down between band members with a possible reunion, who knows? But one thing’s for sure, you’ll always have an appetite for infusion in this striking GN’R logo mug.



17. VAN HALENVintage Van Halen Coffee Mug

On the track Up For Breakfast, Sammy Hagar Hollers ‘She put the cream in my coffee- first thing in the morning”. Sexual innuendos aside, you can just stick with the basics of milk & 2 sugars to get you going before there’s any, er, Eruption.



18. JIMI HENDRIXJimi Hendrix Coffee Mug

Hey joe, where you going with that mug in your Hand? Hey! hands of my Jimi Hendrix signature mug unless you’re going to wash it up?! Pay tribute to the blues master captured wailing away on this Jimi printed signed coffee cup.



19. THIN LIZZYThin Lizzy Coffee Mug

When Phil Lynott sang the lyric on The Boys are Back in Town. “Man when I tell you she was cool, she was red hot.
I mean she was steaming”. Well now with this Lizzy mug you can get a taste of some hot stuff right here.



20. LED ZEPPELINLed Zeppelin Coffee Mug

Many people discuss & deal with their problems over a nice cuppa. Now let off some steam & resolve your differences using your zeppelin mug to avoid any ‘Communication Breakdown’.



Sadly, big hitters Deep Purple or Megadeth didn’t make up this list as I found them hard to source at the time of this post. But fret not, there are thousands of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Coffee Mugs available out there on the ‘net when you go off searching…

Maybe you’re into the harder, heavier metal bands of today or the more current mainstream fave’s, but if you look around I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself either as a collectable or an awesome gift for your fellow rockers.

Why not try Amazon, Etsy or eBay as a starting point? Usually they stock most things that us rivet heads desire, whether it’s books music or films we’re after, or some clothing to dress this winter. You can head over now and begin your search from here.

So that about wraps it up here rockers. I hope you have found some inspiring mugs to whet your appetites from this page. I think every band I featured is so steeped & has it’s own place in rock history.

But before you go, thanks for visiting this post, and if you have any questions or comments then throw in a few words below.

Nice one & all the very best,

Keep Rockin’.






  • Holly says:

    I love your short list of these mugs! It’s such a shame that it is almost Christmas otherwise I would have ordered several to give as gifts to my cousins and brother.

    I think my favourite one has to be Guns and Roses (love their music). Where would be the best place to get a set of these mugs (variety of Guns and Roses)?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Holly, Good to see you here.

      Christmas has crept up so fast I only managed to do my Xmas shopping today. In fact while I was out today I went into the Rock Shop. They sell just about everything and I noticed a set of assorted mugs. But sadly to report not all GN’R. Ive seen many coffee mugs sold separately but not a boxed set of the same band. Just thinking, you could send out the feelers to Rockabilia or EMP Online to see what’s out there. Maybe make individual searches around ebay or Amazon and gather together a nice complementary set.
      Thanks again Holly, happy Christmas and new year!

      All the very best,


  • Angelique D. says:

    Hi Pete,

    I came across your website because I am looking for a gift for my dad who is huge heavy metal fan, especially AC/DC and Guns and Roses.

    I don’t share his passion so it’s a bit difficult to find something as I don’t listen to metal at all haha but I think a mug could be an awesome idea.

    He is collecting everything about his favorite bands but have never seen him drink in one of those great mugs…
    The AC/DC one is definitely a keeper!

    I will make sure to give him your link. he will LOVE it!

    Thanks for sharing, I know exactly what to go for now.

    Rock on!

    • Pete says:

      Hi Angelique.

      Thanks for visiting today.

      One of these rock or metal mugs are a great gift for your dad, especially when he retires to the lounge with a copy of his monthly rock magazine. It’ll be there for his morning coffee and always on hand to proudly show his metal allegiance to his favourite band whilst having a tea break.

      They’re an inexpensive gift and should give him hours of enjoyment or he can simply keep it ornamental as a collectors item as they usually come in a box.


      Come back anytime and if you have any rocker friends be sure to tell them to come on over a leave a comment on one of my posts if they’re into this too.

      Hope you find the right gift for your dad, whatever you choose I’m sure he’ll be well chuffed!

      All the very best,


  • jeffrey16201 says:

    You have one cool website , your mugs brought me back to my high school days. I do love classic rock , even today I listen to classic rock on my radio on my traveling to do my errands.

    Christmas is coming soon, I will bookmark your website for Christmas shopping for all my nephews and nieces Christmas gifts this year.

    • Pete says:

      Nice one Jeffery, for hopping on over here and joining this discusson. There’s so many of ’em to choose from I could of gone on all day. I like to enjoy my morning coffee from a Pantera Mug or Sip the caffeine out my Black Sabbath vessel. These coffee mugs are something us rockers can relate to and not some boring old flowery beaker you get down at the Home store’s.

      Thanks for Bookmarking RocknMetalCollectables, hope to see you soon Jeff!

      Warm Regards,


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