1470057494415 (1)Hey Rockers & Metal fans.

Thanks for visiting Rock n’ Metal Collectables!

My name is Pete,

& So far, I’ve been a life-long Rock n’ Metal fan, or better still, a Rock n’ Metal fan for life.

And…I know, you know the feeling.

Because when you are one of those you stay passionate forever. It’s not a fleeting moment. It’s a lifestyle.

Just hearing a riff like Exodus’s ‘Funeral Hymn’ makes me feel like I’m plugged right into the universe.

I actually couldn’t imagine living in a world without its daily fix. The energy or the adrenaline it gives you. Those shivering hairs on the back of the neck moment when hearing a face melting solo.

Until now, I have read tons of books and watched hundreds of films and bought thousands of albums.

Because I love it. Always will.

Just like you, besides the music, I collect anything. Action Figures, Biographies, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Mats, Poster Flags… (Go see my Instagram , Tumblr & G+Pages,) including a signed Lyric Sheet by Ozzy & the Iron Maiden Tattoo.

It’s said that Rock n’ Metal fans are the most passionate & loyal fans of all, and I would agree, we love to throw the latest Tour t-shirt over our backs & wear our hearts on our sleeves.

It’s what makes us fans.

So I’m here to share with you how to find worthy collections of all things Rock n’ Metal and give you helpful reviews.

My Website will also feature all those lovely gubbins we like to wear & collect.About Page Rock N Metal Collectables

In it will be Hard Rock n Metal stories, Recommendations, Reviews, Personal memories & Places of interest.

So from one rivethead to many others,

Let’s all Rock hard, Rock Heavy & stay Metal, like forever!

Yours in total allegiance, Bangers


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