Alter Bridge – ‘The Last Hero’ – Heroic Album Number 5?

Yeah, it’s big riffs, massive choruses & uplifting lyrics in troubling political times. Welcome back Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge - The Last Hero ReviewAlways loved Alter Bridge. I got into their top-notch Blackbird record nearly 10 years ago 2007. Back then, I was severely intimidated by fretboard blazer Tremonti when attempting to figure out his ‘Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad’ tablature, published in Total Guitar Magazine November 2006.

Still today, he’s one of the greatest guitar players on the block & in solid partnership with also one of rock’s greatest singers, Myles Kennedy. It’s no wonder then, that Myles was so highly considered to join a reformed Led Zeppelin & Slash keeps poaching him.

Now yet again, on Alter Bridge’s 5th studio album ‘The Last Hero’, the technical prowess of uber shredder Tremonti & the soaring vocal style of Kennedy goes perfectly hand in hand rather than fight for space. And the end result? It’s you, the listener that wins.

Alter Bridge’s ‘The Last Hero’ Features:

Big bombastic, larger than life heavy rock with stadium-sized choruses.

Such as…

  • Island Of Fools: Showcasing the Tremonti/Kennedy balance with an earworm chorus. You want Heavy? You got heavy.
  • My Champion: With an intro similar to AC/DC’s ‘For Those About To Rock’ this is one of the ‘last hero’s’ catchiest highlights.
  • Show Me A Leader: While the political scuffle of the Trump /Clinton’s race for the Whitehouse unfolds A.B plead for good leadership in troubled times ahead.
  • Writing On The Wall: Heavy as hell complete with neo classical verse and catchy chorus while on the subject of climate change.
  • You Will Be Remembered: A song dedicated to someone who Myles will ‘Not forget or let your memory go’. Puts the power into power ballad.

I say

Alter Bridge’s material always had some sonic ninja way of working stealthily into your brain. Some tracks are slow burners and will require a few repeated spins. However once done, you’ll reap the rewards by uncovering something you didn’t before.

Favorite tracks right now are ‘My Champion’ & ‘Poison In Your Veins’. Most of the tracks, (Crows On A Wire’ for example) are amazingly heavy and it’s a good alternative hearing Myles sing over a more metal style in contrast to Slash’s hard rock & blusier solos.

Check out their tectonic plate shifting spade heavy riffs on new song ‘The Other Side’ video here.

Who’s it for?

If you like metal that’s machine-tooled with a polished sheen ready for radio & giant stadiums.

Where to find.

You can go in search of ‘The Last Hero’ all day long at Amazon or Apple stores.


It’s a worthy follow-up to A.B’s 2013’s darker heavier, Fortress. And it’s a band you can always trust to make larger than life heavy rock exciting.


Maybe too mainstream for some. That said, this is a grower requiring several repeated listens. Those with a short attention span may not be patient enough to let it marinate.

Alternative/Essential Listening.

Final Words.

Twelve years and now 5 albums in Alter bridge’s style will tick a lot of boxes for many people. Tremonti’s crunchy down tuned riffs and Kennedy’s passionate, soulful voice is yet again in towering form. Their latest work to date ‘The Last Hero’ is served up with 30% of rocks most dynamic voice, 30% guitar wizardry, 10% expertise, and 30% sonic beauty. When the Orlando, Floridian duo strike a balance, the range, tone and richness of Kennedy’s voice superbly fits the guitar ace’s gut punching precision riffs and tasteful solos.

Now with the whole world on the very brink of a divisive race for the White House, ‘The last Hero’ delves loosely into the theme of heroism & it’s their most earnest political album to date. Opener and first single ‘Show Me A Leader’ has A.B’s slant on the presidential election as Kennedy sings (‘Well they’re selling another messiah here tonight, but we’re all way too divided to buy it’) The subject matter on tracks like ‘The Other Side’ target religious nut jobs with (‘You think that heaven’s gates are waiting, but only hell will come’.)

So as it turns out the album title’ The Last Hero’ is perfectly suited to their larger than life heavy rock & Alter Bridge show us they are determined as ever.Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo

While not straying too far stylistically, albeit a far more political subject matter than ever before, everything’s here that will ensure Alter Bridge still pack out Arenas.

As usual, impressive as ever.

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