Bloodstock 2016 Line up- Who’s on When?

Bloodstock 2016 line up. Who’s on When? Find out who’s playing on the Ronnie James Dio Stage here on the 11th – 14th August Catton Park Derbyshire.

Bloodstock 2016 Line Up

The ever popular metal festival Bloodstock 2016 line up continues to grow from strength to strength, showcasing some of the most elite acts in all of heavy metaldom. This year will see the return of thrash titans Slayer at Catton Hall since their headline set in 2013, who play Sunday alongside Mastodon by sharing the festival stage for Saturdays spot. Twisted Sister, their last UK show ever, say farewell & headline the show commencing Friday.

The Annual bill on the Derbyshire Estate will also feature 2/4 of the Big Thrash Four as New Yorker’s Anthrax tread the boards before Slayer’s set. This surely alone is going to be an absolute treat for metal heads this coming August.

And just when we thought things couldn’t get anymore horn- throwingly worthy, Metal Allegiance, formed by principal architects Mark Menghi, Dave Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, Alex Skolnick are to kickstart the proceedings on Sunday. So if you like surprises, this metal supergroup will certainly be a blast seeing who’s going to show up on the Ronnie James Dio main stage.

And as for metal festivals, Bloodstock is the cheapest places to go, as ticket prices for the weekend-spanning the four days of camping cost just £146.00 per person. That’s very competitive compared to other unmentionable festivals who’ve turned into corporate beer company shindigs.

But for those who are strapped for cash & want to go to the Bloodstock Fest this year, you can take advantage of the Standard Weekend Installment Plan. So to make it affordable, you can spread the cost of your ticket over 5 monthly payments! Starting at £34.80 first payment & then £27.80 each month. But you must act fast as the website details are closing this offer on the 28th Feb 2016. So Hurry and take action!

The Festival will feature 4 days camping, Late night Metal Karaoke, a Metal Market, Fairground Rides & Signing tent. That’s plenty of entertainment to keep you rockin’ all night long.

O.K, so let’s look at who’s on and when.

The Bill so far…

Bloodstock 2016 Line Up


Bloodstock 2016 Line up- Friday- The Ronnie James Dio Stage

  • Twisted Sister

Following on from their stint at Germany’s Wacken, New York men Dee Snider & JJ French head over to our shores for the UK’s last ever show top slot to close Friday’s revelry.

  • Behemoth

Poland’s Black Metallers from Gdansk will come to the stage offering more speed, aggression & liberal doses of blasphemy.

  • Venom

Get to witness the original inventers and founders of the black metal scene, to which it bears the name. We’ll be hoping the Newcastle legends play from their most important album Black Metal and the debut classic Welcome To Hell.

  • Stuck Mojo

Rap Metal pioneers from Atlanta, Georgia, will hit the stage decks a’ spinnin’ & heavy riffin’ galore with Rich Ward & Co. Let’s all go bonkers to their classic hit ‘Rising’

Bloodstock 2016 Line up -Saturday- The Ronnie James Dio Stage

  • Mastodon

More heaviness from Atlanta, Georgia, this time from the lumbering beast of the award-winning progressive metal foursome.

  • Gorjira

French Duplantier brothers provide growls and percussion aplenty supporting the top slot with their penultimate set of the evenings mayhem.

  • Paradise lost

More spade heavy sloth from the Nick Holmes’s Halifax doom metal merchants.

  • Fear Factory

L.A cyber metallers to crank out terminator metal prophecies of a terrifying future state that’s coming all too true. Will they play Demanufacture in full? Fingers crossed.

  • Rotting Christ

Free from any disgruntling issues of not having to share the same stage as one disapproving Mr Dave Mustaine, Athenian greek death metallers will get the fest warmed up.

Bloodstock 2016 Line up-Sunday- The Ronnie James Dio Stage

  • Slayer

The Slaytanic Wehrmacht rolls into Derbyshire once again since 2013 and will be thrashing their fans ‘repentless’ on the back of their recent record of the same name.

  • Anthrax

One of the Big Thrash Four. Here’s your chance to see the historic metal legends ‘Bring Some Noise’ to the comely Derbyshire Catton Hall Estate. Metal thrashing mad indeed!

  • Symphony X

Metal excellence. Progressive metal hailing from new jersey to deliver complex neo-classical bombast to a Derbyshire field.

  • Dragon Force

Herman Lee and sam Totman will launch into a blistering showcase of anthemic power metal, so expect much fret boards a blazin’ and frenzied solos galore.

  • Satyricon

Walton on Trent sees the mini invasion of Norwegian black metal hailing from Oslo.

  • Metal Allegiance

On the success of the collaborators. C.D of the same name, Music Instrument Exec Mark Menghi, Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson, Dream Theatre’s Mark Portnoy & Testament’s Alex Skolnick. Metal elite will join forces for a splendid spectacle of metallic union. Well, The name says it all really, doesn’t it? Not sure who’s going to turn up though, but, This is going to be a Blast!

The Sophie Lancaster Stage Line up

So far Goatwhore & Acid Reign have been confirmed. More acts to be added to the bill.

  • Goatwhore – To play Friday
  • Acid Reign– To play Saturday

To check out what kind of vibe there is to experience at Bloodstock watch this Video here.

More acts will be announced the following weeks ahead and there’s still plenty of time to get yer tickets. They’re available from the official Bloodstock site but don’t forget to take advantage of the 5 installment payment plan which ends this month on the 28th Feb.

Should you want to skip any travelling hassles and get conveniently picked up by coach at one of many points to arrive at the festival, you can buy travel tickets from the official Bloodstock site. This means you can offload your gear, unwind & relax with other fans starting your days celebrations. Better still, no driving commitments or cramming into an over loaded train carriage.
The coaches will depart from your nearest pickup point to drop you off at the festival site and take you back departing Monday. To Buy Tickets To Bloodstock go over to the Official site for coach details & head to the travel info page.

To learn more Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival , from history, Merch, Tickets and travel arrangements or any other enquiries, hop over to Bloodstock on the link above.

Hope to see you bangers soon!



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