Def Leppard Women Of Doom T shirt-Where to find?

Def Leppard Women of Doom ‘Comic’ T shirt.

Now a highly sought after and collectors item, The Women Of Doom Def Leppard t-shirt remains an iconic tee and a well-worn favorite of mine.Def Leppard Women of Doom 80's comic Tshirt

So, after searching around the web for the 80’s comic t-shirt I at last found it. Yes! But according to my investigations to the fabled 80’s t-shirt is sadly no longer in production. No!

I looked on the comment thread on the forum and I read this info,

“On the official Def Leppard Website there are limited sizes and it looks unlikely to be reproduced”. “Original artwork was lost in a fire”.

After visiting the official Def Leppard Store I couldn’t find it, but I did find there are listings on Etsy & Ebay for this very Tee.

So what does it look like? Well, if you remember it was a golden-locked leather clad hero who appears to give the high five from atop his skateboard. Credits on the front denote Carol Lay & M Rothzeid.

Carol Lay was a cartoonist, but it is still unclear to me who the mysterious M Rothzeid is. Anyone know? On the back of the t-shirt is a burly & surly dominatrix robot who points a lecturing stick to the acronym W.O.M.E.N

Worship Our Master’s Every Need.


Def Leppard Women of Doom ‘Comic’ T shirt.

This is definitely one of the best Def Leppard t-shirts ever made. Not every day do we have a comic style hero on a Rock T-shirt. So it stands to good reason it’s a trinity worthy of praise.

Kick ass song: This was the first single to be released from the hysteria album.

Sweet video: Shot on location in Holland, Also where the next single Animal was filmed.

Awesome T-shirt: Surely, has to be one of the most iconic and collectible Def Leppard Tees?

Here’s the classic Women Video for good measure

I love this t shirt because it harks back to my skateboarding days. When the video came out it was perfect to wear the t shirt whilst out on the decks in those bygone summer years. Secondly, it carries a cool Women Of Doom name on the front & the W.O.M.E.N acronym on the back. & Thirdly, It all ties in nicely with the skater and the comic themed video.

At the time I bought mine and even today, it seems refreshing to have a colorful white Tee. The market for Rock and Metal T-shirts are saturated with black ones, so I reckon the white t-shirt will go well with Denims and a pair of Skater Shoes. (Converse or Vans) This should keep you cooler reflecting the sun. Perfect if you’re out street skating or on the ramps, or you could just throw it on like I do for casual wear.

Desperately seeking Women

I could not locate this very t-shirt on Amazon but there are some over at eBay going for 15.99 & 18.95.


This may be true as I’ve never seen this t-shirt available in any shops since I bought mine in the early 90’s. Another listing on Etsy says they are Highly Collectable. I’d have to agree since I’ve never seen one available a store after buying mine.

So if you’re searching to buy the Def Leppard Women Of Doom T-shirt always be careful and do your ‘Due Diligence’ before ordering any items.

And Lepp fans, be sure they come from a reputable seller and the item has good reviews. I’ve seen many listings that seem the t-shirts are of no good quality or even fake.
Anyone got anything to say about the Def Leppard Women of Doom T-Shirt? Have you got an old faded one crumpled up in your drawers? Let me know in the comment box below, I’ll look forward to it!

Rock on!


  • Hannah says:

    Its always hard to find womens clothes with decent bands on them. I’m more into old school punk but I get the same problem. So I really appreciate this post. Sometimes I just buy a large guy’s tee, crop it and tie or sew it together at the back. It ends up looking really cool. I love that slashed look!

    • Pete says:

      Hi Hannah, & thanks for the visit today.

      I admire your creativity from being resourceful, there’s always a way if you try & you can bask in the results when you’ve made it yourself, so well done you for the D.I.Y. style of getting around things!

      Your response to this post is very timely, as I’m going to write a post on finding certain sizes and how get to measured up for the best fitting.

      As for the slashed look, looking at the video with Joe Elliot’s frayed denims, my jeans still look like that today!

      Cheers again Hannah, good to see you here again.

      Take care now,


  • Roopesh says:

    This is a really cool Tee.
    Yeah! I’m a guy, but I am a collector big time.

    Not really a DL fan, but I love it the retro style look of this shirt.

    Just the mention of those summer days, makes me want to go back in time.

    Perhaps, I will look at adding this to my collection, of limited apparel.

    I have always loved to have things that are sought after.
    Thanks for this.

    • Pete says:

      Hey Roops! Thanks for being here just now.

      It’s a shame these retro Women Of Doom T shirts are not reprinted, but then I suppose it’s a sign of the times making it classic 80’s fashion. I wore mine ’til it fell apart. See, I loved to skateboard back in the day and this T shirt takes me straight back to those long summers riding the decks. As I remember this one was my favorite bar none. Maybe I’ll get one and hang it up just for nostalgic reasons & sadly try to reclaim my youth! Just lately I’ve had a fad for these white retro t- shirts, been looking for the GNR Lies one but haven’t found a decent seller yet.


      Cheers Roops, & thanks for commenting today.


  • Chris says:

    Man this takes me back – Def Leopard were my sort of introduction to rock as a twelve year old. My dad brought me Hysteria back from the local record shop one Saturday morning and I loved it – records were so cool, it actually felt as if you had bought something those days instead of a nasty low quality Mp3.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Chris.

      Yeah, Def Leppard were my favourite band as a teenager, I can remember exactly where and when I first heard them. Just behind me now on the office wall is a framed Hysteria Album from the 80’s. I can also vividly recollect buying the Women Of Doom T shirt from a shop in Derby, and the very words I used when gleefully purchasing the said item.

      I’m really into collecting the old retro style t shirts just now, I’m looking for the Guns N Roses Lies Tee and I’ve just bought a mint Night Train Express T shirt after researching the story behind the song. ‘Love that stuff’- ‘an’ I can’t ever get enough’- ‘I’m on the nightrain’….

      Cheers Chris, nice to see you here again.

      Very best,


  • Margaret says:

    Loved your post. Really enjoyed the video. The tee shirt is awesome. I am a bit older than most of their fans but I am a closet fan. My kids loved them and I got into it with them. Now you know I am really old. :-))
    Finding memorabilia from that era would pose a problem wouldn’t it? I have not heard of Def Leppard in years and thought all that stuff would be gone by now. great to see I was wrong.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Margaret

      Thanks for visiting & leaving a gratifying comment, glad you enjoyed it.

      Def Leppard are still around, in fact they’ve just released their self titled latest album last year.

      But if I’m honest they’re never going to beat the old days, hence this cool T-shirt that’s tethered to their classic years from the 80’s.

      The Def Leppard Women Of Doom T-shirt can be found if you’re willing to go searching, it’s not listed on their official site but when I sent out the feelers I discovered many other sellers still stock this one. However, those who seek must be careful where they order it from, lest they get a disappointingly fake one that shrinks or fades in the wash.

      Anyone who want’s a quality Def Leppard Women Of Doom T-shirt should must find a reputable seller that has good customer feedback.

      Thanks again Margaret, Warmest regards


  • Charlotte says:

    I absolutely love anything collectable and this includes clothing. I completely understand your need to search for the ultimate and like it that you aim to help others and not keep the information to yourself!
    The retro look of the t shirt appeals to me. I would probably be tempted to keep one and not wear it so in years to come when there are none left to buy yours could end up priceless!

    • Pete says:

      Hey Charlotte, & thanks for arriving at Rock n Metal Collectables just now.

      Yeah, The Def Leppard Women Of Doom T shirt is not something you see around nowadays. If anyone can bag an original and quality one I reckon it could become an asset or indeed a treasured collectors item. There’s always a seller somewhere out on the ‘net, so it’s just making sure you’re going to receive decent goods for ya dollar.

      Anyways, thanks again for being here, Charlotte,

      Take care now,


      • Jason noe says:

        Hey I’ve got an original. I bought it back when I was in 8th grade. I saw them at an out door show at Buckey lake in Ohio.

        • Pete says:

          Nice one Jason! The Def Leppard ‘Women Of Doom’ t-shirt is one of the best ever printed. Keep it safe!



  • rocco stezzi says:

    I still own an original. I has been sitting in my drawer for 20 years. I just wore it tonight to an eighties party and had several people tell how cool it was and that it might have some valve. The value to me was that it brings back those good memories of that great show back in ’87. Priceless.

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