Heavy Metal Christmas Jumpers- So Metal Xmas Sweaters

You might hate Christmas, but now you can revel in sheer devilment and wear your very own Heavy Metal Christmas Jumper. Say it loud & proud with this selection of some of the best Xmas Sweaters on offer this December. Let Rock n’ Metal Collectables show you some must-haves to shock relatives or even delight old Uncle Bob.

1.Merry Go F**K Yourself. Merry go fuck yourself christmas sweater

Want your old Auntie Mable to choke on her sprouts at the family gathering? Then make your mean-spirited point across the dinner table whilst silently chomping on the festive turkey.

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2. Black Sabbath.Black Sabbath Christmas Sweater

Glad tidings! Christmas day is on a Monday this year, but it is really worthy of a Black Sabbath. But hey, forget about Christmas, this one’s so cool I’d wear it any day!

Find It Exclusively at EMP.co.u.k

3. Pantera.

Pantera Christmas Sweater

If Dime were here he would definitely approve of this and raise a Black tooth grin or indeed several this season. Have a toast to the late axemen this Xmas holiday with this awesome Pantera sweater.

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4. AC/DC.


If you’re looking for a ‘Mistress this Christmas’ then you’re pulling power is has just gone up to 11 with this worthy and respectable Rock chic magnet.

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5. Slayer.

Slayer Xmas Sweater Gift

Depending on your beliefs or if you think that God really hates us all, this slayer logo emblazoned jumper is definitely for you this Crimbo.

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6. Heavy Metal Xmas.Heavy Metal Xmas Sweater

Want to say it all so succinctly, yes? Well, If you want to celebrate a heavy metal Xmas this year, you can sum it all up in just 3 words. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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7. Guns N Roses.

Just about every Christmas Party D.J. is going to play Sweet Child O’ Mine. Now stop drinking cheap Nightrain wine and go stagger cheek to cheek on the dance floor with your loved one.

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8. Anthrax.Anthrax-Heavy Metal Christmas Jumper

What better to be ‘Caught in a mosh’ out in the rock clubs whilst headbanging, chicken walking, or whatever it is you do in this splendid ‘Thrax sweater.

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9. Motorhead.Motorhead Christmas Sweater

On a sober note with the sad loss of Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor, and the anniversary of Lemmy’s passing, you can celebrate the Motorhead duo playing on some of the greatest tracks of their earlier career. Hail Phil & raise a glass Lemmy with this one!

Find it EMP co.uk

10. Kiss.Kiss Christmas Sweater

These men have made classic party songs like Christmas had never ended. let’s keep the rock n roll spirit forever. So from me to you, have a very merry Kissmas this year!

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To get yours in time for the ‘works-do’ piss up try Amazon.co.u.k.  

Our brethren across the wintery waters of the Atlantic try Amazon.com

Wishing You All Warmest Seasons Greetings!

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  • Lee Zhi Wei says:

    Not a heavy metal fan but those are some awesomely cool shirts you’ve got there. My impression of heavy metal is that big ear studs & long cornrows. Even if im not a fan, I will still wanna look at nice sweaters/shirts. Any recommendations for other genres of music instead of just heavy metal?

    • Pete says:

      Hey there lee.

      Thanks for browsing my post on Heavy Metal Christmas Jumpers.

      I’m not into ear studs and the corn row thingy, but I do like to blast my ears with hard n heavy rock n roll. That’s what I’m in it for. But I also like to dress up & show my true colors with a t-shirt or a studded wristband on the arms.

      For you my friend, as I don’t know what music you’re into, I would suggest a search in Google with your favorite artist + sweater and I’m sure it will lead you to loads of choice. Also, try Amazon as they’re a great search engine for whatever you’re looking for.

      Thanks again Lee, nice talkin’ to you, All the very best to you this Christmas.


  • Jack says:

    Haha. Well, I guess that shirt would get Aunt Mable to choke on her sprouts! Hooray for this site. I think the world has gone way too pc lately and it’s refreshing to see a site like this. I like the collectibles, clothing, and film catagories. A nice niche in the rock & roll genre. The everything collectable for rock & metal is pretty much here. Being in my late 60’s the site is a bit far afield for my tastes, but I have a gradson who will love this site and I’ll be sure to forward to him the url.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Jack for Visiting today.

      That’s good of you to mention how the world has gone too P.C. So there’s no better way than to have a sense of fun in these times. I think too many people miss the point about music and a pinch of salt is all that is required.

      Thanks for your good-hearted comments and I hope to build up a great site for those that are interested in this genre of music. One thing I would like to say though, Jack, is that you lived through some amazing times of rock music when it was born and we have your generation to thank. Where would we be without Little Richard, Chuck Berry & the like? Or even earlier bluesmen like Robert Johnson?

      Thanks again Jack, for coming here and may I wish you all the very best this Christmas season.


  • Simone says:

    These heavy metal Christmas jumpers are great! I had no idea something like this even existed. I wish I would have found this article sooner as any one of these would make the perfect Christmas sweater for my husband.

    He is a huge heavy metal fan (although you would never know by looking at him). I’m sure he would love the Slayer one!

    I’m not in the UK so I will check and see if I can get them where I am. It will be his Christmas gift for next year!

    • Pete says:

      Nice one Simone.

      There’s plenty available for the next year as this seems to be taking off with many bands getting their own brand on a Christmas Sweater. Once you start searching you’ll be surprised with just where you can find Heavy metal Christmas jumpers/sweaters.

      Thanks for coming over to Rock N’ Metal Collectables, May I wish you seasons greetings and a very happy new year for 2016!

  • Lucas says:


    These ugly Christmas sweaters are badass. My favorites are the heavy metal Christmas and the Pantera ones. I may have to get one for next Christmas. My favorite band is The Ghost Inside. They are so heavy and raw. Their album Get What You Give is my favorite album of all time. The music and the way it was recorded is perfect. What is your favorite band?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Lucas, & thanks for visiting Rock n Metal Collectables!

      The Ugly Christmas Jumpers are getting better every year, I love the Sabbath one, but here’s hoping there’s more Heavy Metal Xmas Sweaters in 2016!

      Yeah, the Ghost Inside are a cool band, I hope they prosper after the unfortunate Bus Crash last year. A similar accident also happened with Georgian Metallers Baroness in 2013 who I also like too. These bands work so hard to promote their music, & when they’re out on the road they truly do risk their lives touring venue to venue.

      My favorite band?, Well, Glad you asked Lucas, It’s Black Sabbath. The reason? Because they invented a form of music that came completely natural and laid the foundations for what we call Heavy Metal today. No other band in history made such spade heavy riffs like they did back in the 70’s and were more influential than they. I love the band because of their roots from a working class background to becoming inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame- They’re such a phenomenon the Black Sabbath story could not be made up into a movie script!

      Just to paraphrase what you just mentioned in your comment-The music and the way it was recorded is perfect!

      Cheers again Lucas, nice replying to you here.

      Take care & all the very best,


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