Iron Maiden Trooper Ale-Beer Of The Dark

Just got my Iron Maiden Trooper Ale, & being an Maiden fan who wouldn’t? It’s nice to celebrate one of my favourite bands with a nice cold beer, especially if it’s created by the band itself!  So Ace’s high everyone!

I got mine from the superstore Asda, after finding it in the music cd section, it left me curious to find more, so I went off seeking down the alcohol aisle & was thankful to discover many more on sale. I bought two. One to drink, one to keep.

Iron Maiden Trooper Beer.Message on a bottle

Contained inside the presentation box is the Bottle and a Pint glass of which to drink it. On the back of the box is a little on the history behind The Charge of The Light Brigade. This battle is what inspired the Iron Maiden song The Trooper. So for history buffs out there and for those who want to know more, it’s a war that took place at the Battle of Balaclava in 1854.

During the Crimean war the British commanding officer Lord Raglan was responsible for massive loss of life. He ordered 600 courageous soldiers to gallop headway on horse back to charge against a volley of heavy artillery at the now infamous Valley Of Death.

The Number of the Yeast!

The beer itself is created by Iron Maiden & brewed by Robinsons brewery, a family run business for over 175 years, known for their specialist keg ales and bottled beers.

Made in Cheshire, England, also famous for it’s cheese and Cat, the beer has been overseen by ale and aviation enthusiast Bruce Dickinson to deliver a beer which is a deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon. It’s 500ml bottle holds beer with alcohol volume of 4.7%.

However, now at the request of fans the ABV has been upped to 6.6 to give it even more malty flavour and Iron Maiden authenticity.

So to celebrate Trooper Beer going beyond 10 million pints being supped, Robinsons are releasing the ale to a higher ABV this autumn from October 1st. Go here to Robinsons website to read more. The post says it will be available to many countries around the world.

Amazingly, this has not because of the song The Number of the Beast, but because after detailed research, one historian has found that in fact, 666 soldiers charged in the Battle of the light brigade! How devilish is that? To read more on Trooper beer go to Robinsons main website.

Reading the bottle it tells me that the beer is made from a blend of Bobek, Goldings and Cascade hops. These ingredients personally hand selected by Bruce. This may mean more to someone who knows about the brewing process than it does me, but it tastes very malty and rich. I had a sneaky taste before it expires next year and I can say it’s a great ale that shouldn’t disappoint hardened ale drinkers or maiden fans. Of course I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Inside the Box

  • Presentation capsule with brief history describing The Charge of The Light Brigade. Awesome if you love to learn about history.
  • 500ml Bottle containing premium British beer at 4.7% Alcoholic Volume. Now this autumn you can get it at 6.6%
  • A branded Trooper pint glass. Way to go! A vessel with Iron Maiden’s font emblazoned on your glass.

Where to find it?

I found mine while out shopping at Asda. But after scouring the ‘net I’ve since found that most major supermarkets stock the ale, such as Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s & Sainsbury’s – if you visit their sites you can check availability in your area.

I’ve looked on & they don’t seem to sell the boxed glass and bottle package like I got from Asda. To help you further, there’s also a Trooper Tracker over at, but I’ve found that the link is broken at the time of this post. At present it tells me that there are 7224 stockist’s worldwide of Trooper Beer. Also, try the links above to Robinsons website for more info.

So fellow fans, if you do get one of these and crack the bottle open, then raise your glass & toast those brave 666 poor souls who plunged headfirst into certain death.

Also please share with me if you have tasted Iron Maiden’s Trooper Beer and tell me what you think.

Cheers, Enjoy & drink responsibly.

Rock on,



  • Viljoen says:

    I never knew that this Iron Maiden Trooper beer existed. It also looks like there is a long history related to this beer and is not always a bad thing.

    Would really like to taste it because 4.7% alcohol is luckily not that strong. I really love drinking beer because here in South Africa we have a couple of homemade ones that are very good and refreshing.

    • Pete says:

      Hey Viljoen.

      Trooper Ale was made originally from 4.7% ABV, but now due to demand the beer has been increased to 6.6%. The name Trooper was given to the beer after being chosen after their song of the same name since it really played a part in British history. But shortly after fans wanted the strength to increase to 6.6% to go along nicely with their track “The Number Of The Beast”

      Lots of Niche Ales and Boutique beers are very popular, and with small micro breweries getting accolades for award winning ales. Iron Maidens Trooper is no exception, selling over 10 Million Pints before last year.

      As a collector I Have bought 3 of the bottles from the gift box, & I can say it’s quite a good tasting ale, although I haven’t tried the higher strength Trooper Ale yet.

      Thanks again for visiting this post,

      Very best,


  • Norstad says:

    Wow, the metal band Iron Maiden is now producing some incredible beverage.

    I’m not really a fan of that band because I’m born later when those bands were on it’s peak. But I can still see them on shirts and other stuff so I’m well aware about them.

    I would really want to taste that beer.

    Great post man. Keep it rollin! ROAR! 😀

    • Pete says:

      Hey Norstad.

      Iron maiden are Unstoppable and still well ahead of the game. Flying around in their own 747 and with a well established merchandise line they now have their own beer. Their latest album was recently released to critical acclaim and now they even have a quality set of headphones for eager fans. Not bad for a bunch of 60 year olds with still plenty to offer. I’ve tasted the beer, its marvellous.


  • Luke says:

    Wow 6.6% alcohol that’s a serious beer!
    I don’t drink anymore but I am a metalhead from way back and I love Maiden.
    Seen them live on their Final Frontier tour and I’d have to say it’s the best gig I’ve ever been to!
    Bruce Dickinson is an amazing guy isn’t he? Lead singer in the greatest metal band of all time, airline pilot, elite fencer: is there nothing he can’t do!?
    Great collectible too!

    • Pete says:

      Hey Luke,

      Thanks for visiting today.

      I’ve now have several bottles of this stuff as a collector but haven’t had the higher 6.6 strength Trooper Ale yet.

      It’s serious ale as it’s commitment to brewing excellence from Robinsons makes it more all the better & not just a gimmick for sale. I’ve seen it in a local Pub and sampled one, very nice!

      I also saw them last on the Final Frontier Tour at Sheffield Arena U.K. and hope to catch them at the Download festival at Donington, Bruce will fly in and land the Ed Force One plane right next to the ground at the Airport. Now that will be some spectacle.

      I was just looking at my Twitter feed & there was a mint post with Bruce throwing the horns from the open window cockpit of the 747 Book of Souls Airliner. Oh, and he’s also an Author and a business investor into Airship technology. This man does indeed have a lot going for him, and the Band too. Let’s hope there’s a few more years left in Iron Maiden. So with a bottle of Trooper Beer in hand, Cheers!

  • Adam says:

    Oh yeah! 😀 I once read about the Maiden Beer and decided that I will taste it one day (I’m a HUGE Iron Maiden fan!).

    It seems to be a very nice package for me! You don’t only get a bottle or two but a glass, info capsule as well. It feels a bit like a collector’s item.

    And TrooperTracker is working now!

    Thanks for the great post! I ordered the package!


    • Pete says:

      Hey, & thanks Adam, for letting me know the Trooper Tracker link is working, mint!

      Yeah, this is a neat little package, I’ve got 3 Trooper Ale Capsules now, I’ve supped 2 for interests sake and kept one for an occasion. But what I want to track down now, is where they are serving this on draught so I can enjoy a few straight from the cask in a cosy English Pub. In fact, thinking about it, there is Robinsons pub nearby where I work that once sold Trooper Ale from the pump- I’ll need to investigate & see if it’s still on!

      Anyhow, here’s hoping your package arrives swiftly, & enjoy filling up the glass with Trooper Ale!



  • Robin says:

    Hi Pete! I learned quite a bit by reading your page “Iron Maiden Trooper Ale- Beer of the Dark. I have heard of The Charge of the Light Brigade, but never knew the particulars sheesh! Hard to believe it made sense to someone back then! Really like your subtitles and your review of the product. One other suggestion: No more than 2 when you try the 6.6%! 🙂

    • Pete says:

      Hi Robin, & thanks for visiting!

      What I love about Iron Maiden is that they turn a historic event into a lesson, and now it’s come along in the form of a malted beverage. The beer itself is very patriotic of the British, and what could be more suitable than Eddie flag waving on the battle field paying respect to the fallen soldiers.

      I’ve learned a lot from Iron Maiden ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, Were it not for the Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, It would never be my favourite poem, & neither would the more recent interest in Empire of the clouds have aroused any curiosity. They are without doubt one of the most influencial and thought provoking bands that sit proudly among my record collection.

      So thanks for enjoying the review & saying so here, & I’ll try and refrain from drinking too much in future!

      All the very best Robin,


  • Jeff says:

    Now this is a site that really is fantastic! Just love it. Mr Dickinson quite regularly pulls a pint off Trooper in my local rock bar here in Cardiff which is pretty damn cool and Maidens old sound engineer of 30 years now does the sound for my band….which again is very cool indeed! Brilliant site my friend.

    • Pete says:


      Thanks for visiting today, and telling YOUR amazing story! To say that the old Air Raid Siren himself draws off one of his own tipples at your club is excellent news. Then with Maidens former knob twiddler getting involved with your band surely is the icing on the cake. I bet he can tell a few stories. Wouldn’t mind ‘avin a few bevies with him and listening to some tales…

      Nice one Jeff, & thanks for the approval!

      Cheers, Very best,


  • Jeff says:

    Well we’re touring the UK in November so come along and ask him y’self sir 🙂
    He most certainly does have a few tales to tell!
    Interesting fact, he was the one that spec’d the PA system for Donnington Monsters of Rock in ’88 a total of 360 TURBOSOUND cabinets, a sound system which formed the largest front-of-house PA on record – a statistic that duly earned it a place in the 1989 Guinness Book of Records…He mentions that…a lot! Haha!

    • Pete says:

      Jeff, yet another Goldmine of stories you’re turning out to be! The line up for Donington in 88 was one of the best. Looking back, Maiden, Kiss, & Gn’R- about to explode into ‘The most dangerous band in the world’. Not to mention Megadeth & Anthrax. What a bill. But sadly for me, I was just a 13 yrs old nipper back then getting seriously into this stuff. Your soundman has got one hell of a bragging right & damn well should be proud of that one. I would’ve loved to have been there to hear. Nice one.

      Jeff, one thing. What’s the name of your band? So I can look you up & follow. Do you have Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube Vids?
      Thanks once again for visiting today & adding your fantastic stories.
      All the very best,

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