Kerrang! Remastered- 20th Anniversary Tribute To Master Of Puppets

Kerrang! Remastered- 20th-Anniversary Tribute To Master Of Puppets was released with Kerrang Magazine in 2006, now 10 years ago & 20 years after the classic albums first appearance. Here Oakland men Machine Head pay tribute with the opening salvo of Battery alongside a faithful but killer version of Master Of Puppets by Floridian Heavyweights Trivium. See below for full tracklist.

Kerrang Tribute To Master Of Puppets

The free CD was generously given to its weekly readers who scrambled for the issue after it hit the newsagent stands on a Wednesday morning. Titled, A 20th Anniversary Tribute- Kerrang- Presents ‘Remastered’ with the subtitle adding-Metallica’s Master Of Puppets Revisited.

Here’s the Lars Ulrich Quote on the inner sleeve.

When we started thinking about Kerrang! honouring ‘Master Of Puppets’ with this tribute album, and saw the artwork and the line-up of bands we realised it was a big deal. It’s kind of a Mind-fuck actually- because back in 1986 no-one thought we’d live for 20 years, much less to be honoured like this. We were just snot nosed-punks doing what we were doing, and trying to do something different from everyone else.

It’s pretty Amazing that the record has stood the test of time- it’s not something you think about when you’re making an album, obviously. But with all the excitement about this CD, I listened to the whole album from the beginning to the end on my iPod last week and, you know what, it’s a motherfucker of a record, it’s super-dense and intense and it doesn’t let up until ‘Damage…’ is over. There’s a real natural, youthful energy to it and I’m pretty psyched about how strong it still sounds. Lyrically too, I think it’s still relevant as it was 20 years ago.


It’s awesome to think that some of you guys listening to this album weren’t even born when we recorded ‘Master Of Puppets’ – some probably weren’t even born when the ‘Black’ album came out(!)- and that’s cool, it’s part of the metal initiation, part of the ritual. But is ‘Master Of Puppets’ the greatest Metallica album, or even the greatest metal album ever as Kerrang! has been kind enough to say? I’m too close to it, my relationships with Metallica albums are bound up with memories of creating the albums and recording them and everything that comes in the aftermath. It’s difficult for me to judge that shit… that’s what the guys at Kerrang! get paid big bucks to do! But we’re just honoured that it’s a record that’s so inspiring to many people, both fans and young bands like Trivium and Bullet. We’re excited to hear this as you guys are…

Lars Ulrich, 2006.

Kerrang Tribute Inner Sleeve

Kerrang! Remastered Tracklist

1.Machine Head- Battery


2.Trivium- Master Of Puppets


3.Mendeed- The Thing That Should Not Be


4.Bullet For My Valentine- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

DSC_0004 (2)

5.Chimaira- Disposable Heroes


6.Fightstar- Leper Messiah


7.Mastodon- Orion (Instrumental)


8.Funeral For A Friend- Damage, Inc

Anyone of you rivetheads got this one? Do you think the cover versions did justice? Then hell, chime in with a comment below.Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo

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