Lemmy Statue at The Rainbow Bar & Grill

Good news for Rock n Metal fans as it’s fantastic to announce the crowdfunding efforts for a Lemmy Statue have reached the target of $21,000 getting the project firmly underway.

So far, many gratifying donations have excelled the pledge, so work can now commence on the rock god, who will be forever immortalised to stand proudly outside his favourite Rainbow Bar & Grill haunt.

After a crowd funder set up to fund a statue of the late, great Lemmy Kilmister, many kind & generous donations have hit well over the target & all extra money raised will go to Cancer Research in the Motorhead Legends name.

Lemmy Statue description

The proposed Bronze Statue is being made by sculptor Travis Moore, who put his name forward for the project. Travis met with the owners of the Rainbow and showed them his sketches for the proposed bronze statue. They liked what they saw, so he’s currently working on a scale model of Lemmy.

Once finished, It’ll be converted into a life-size sculpture, which will be moulded in wax and then poured and cast in bronze.

According to the info on the crowdfunding YouCaring.com site, it’s estimated that the statue will take between 3 & 6 Months to make, & his creator Travis has promised to “do his best to make Lemmy proud”.

With just 5 days to go at the time of this post, you can see all the proceeds of the charitable donors who have made this project possible. Here, Rock n Metal Collectables has since made a decidedly small donation to the cause. Suffice to say I’d love nothing more than to be a part of making up this historical statue while supporting cancer research.

Lemmy Statue Donation

So for those of you who have been charitable donors or are thinking about chipping in, then give yourself a pat on the cheeks, ’cause it seems we’ll all see Lemmy again very soon!

To find out more about the project and be part of this historic statue you can go to the page here. https://www.youcaring.com/lemmymotorheadstatue

So now with a statue of Lemmy currently in works, let’s look at some other rockers who’ve been immortalised in actual ‘rock and metal’.


Johnny Ramone.1948-2004Johnny Ramone Statue By Sean Russel

Johnny paid for this statue himself before sadly passing away with prostate cancer in 2004. According to former Ramones drummer Tommy Ramone, the guitarist saw it ” as something for the fans to come see”. Very nice it is too, setting him back just $100,000.

Find it:

At the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in California.



Phil Lynott.1949-1986256px-Phil_Lynott_Statue_at_Bruxelles_Dublin

Erected in 2005, this lifesize statue of Phil Lynott was sculpted by Paul Daly. The locals have nicknamed it ” The Ace With The Bass”

Find it:

Harry Street Dublin. Ireland.


Kurt Cobain.1967-1994Kurt Cobain Statue

Randi Hubbard started this concrete statue when Kurt died. It’s shedding a single tear because it took so long to make.

Find it:

Aberdeen Museum Of History, Washington.


Bon Scott.1946-1980Bon Scott Statue gnangarra

Bon Scott has 2 statues- this one’s in a sun-soaked Aussie harbour, and another in his ‘Gonad freezing’ hometown of Kirriemuir, Scotland. I know which statue I’d rather be.

Find it.

Freemantle, Australia.


Jimi Hendrix. 1942-1970.Jimi-Hendrix-Statue

The permanently Knee sliding Jimi Hendrix was unveiled in January 1997 amid a veil of coloured ” Purple Haze” smoke. According to locals, it’s not unusual to find a half burnt cigarette between his lips.

Find it:

Capitol Hill near downtown Seattle.


Freddie Mercury. 1946 1991.Freddie Mercury Stayue By Kazuyanagae

This statue is twinned with a less permanent one that is displayed out front of We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre. It now resides in Roger Taylor’s garden.

Find it:

Lake Geneva, Montreux.

So then rockers, If you think Lemmy’s fine erection will proudly stand outside the Rainbow Bar & Grill, then let me know below!

Can’t wait to see it there hopefully this summer, Til then,Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo

Take care now,


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  • Torrey says:

    I have never actually seen the statue that you’re talking about. You might revise your page and add a couple of photos of the famous statue.
    The way you describe this statue piques my intrest. So mabey I’ll need to get google to help me out!
    You do have a unique site. Good job!

    • Pete says:

      No Torrey, you won’t see the statue, ’cause if you’ve bothered to read and take notice of the post, you would get the drift it’s about Lemmy’s statue currently being made after a crowdfunding project. So yeah, a shame I can’t provide any photos for something that’s non-existent.

      Well, anyways, take care now.

  • Steve T says:

    HI Pete,

    I am glad to see Lemmy is getting a statue, A rock god like him does deserve one. Only other Rock God I would love to see one of is Eddie. But I dont think that will happen.
    Do you know if the artist is planning any miniatures of this statue?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Steve

      Yeah, It’s good this man is getting many a tribute paid to him. Even talk about him getting a metallic element named, who knows. And then there’s his favourite tipple Jack Daniel’s & coke being called the Lemmy.

      Eddie would sure be a good statue to leave for Iron Maiden’s legacy. Now, that would look spectacular towering above the crowds on Trafalgar Square, London.

      Just thinking about miniature statues you asked about, There is a maquette of lemmy that’s going to be a scaled down version before the statue itself gets sculpted, but I don’t think Travis Moore will make any minitures. However, there are many action figures for sale, more like toys for collectors & not real artistry like the one being made for Lemmy. Anyway Steve, nice to see you here.

      All the best.


  • tyler says:

    very good looking site. i love the x-mass sweaters. the blood stock looks fun. we kinda have something like that in Florida calls earth day birth day. You have good taste i can see by the best rock tracks of 2015 and yes rock cassettes are making a come back.

    • Pete says:

      Nice one Tyler, for Visiting Rock n Metal Collectables and havin’ a poke around.

      Yeah, the Earth Day Birthday looks mint on the Florida Fairgrounds. Last year you had Slash, Five Finger Death Punch & Hellyeah to name but a few.

      This summer 2016 has some good shows coming my way, can’t wait!

      Cheers Tyler,

      Rock on!

  • Andrea says:

    Rock on Pete,
    Interesting post, I am always truly amazed by the power of crowdfounding in realizing all kind of projects.

    I find very important to create something that keeps up the love fan has for their idols, and a collective help from all of them to raise the cash to actually do it.

    I didn’t know Taylor had a Freddy statue in his garden, curious.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Andrea, for visiting this post today.

      Crowdfunding has done so much in terms of giving people the help they need to get projects of the ground. I for one feel very proud that my contribution will get the Lemmy statue to see the light of day outside The Rainbow Bar & Grill, and the extra money will go to Cancer Research.

      There’s even talk about a Lemmy Statue being made, along with Slash’s to stand in his hometown of Stoke on Trent, whether or not this is to by funded by the town council, not sure.

      Yes, Roger Taylor has indeed a twin Statue of Freddy of the one standing outside the Dominion Theatre in his garden!

  • Evie says:

    Lemmy was an actual bloody legend – a true rocker, he partied hard and worked harder. And every single person who had a story about Lemmy after his death showed obvious love and respect to him. He seemed like a true down to earth person who was a good mate to a lot of people. It was obvious that music meant more to him than money and fame. The fact that he hid his illness and was still rocking almost up to his death showed what a great character he was.

    My best friend is a huge metal fan (more than me but I love all sorts of rock from metal to progressive) and almost every weekend he plays Motorhead tracks to me. This statue is a fitting tribute to the Lemster who influenced so many people. And it’s sad that in an x-factor driven music scene that we are not seeing the emergence of people who could be great rockers

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Evie, for hopping on board rocknmetalcollectables & chiming in to this post.

      Yeah, Lemmy was indeed one of the greatest and sadly one of the latest in a series of rockers who we have lost, this year alone, Bowie & Prince. Now Sabbath on their farewell Tour & AC/DC’s Brian Johnson forced into retirement is just heart wrenching for the fans. Yes,They are irreplaceable, and as you’ve pointed out, the X-Factor music scene is all about the fame and business executives getting an easy buck.

      Music meant more to Lemmy than fame or fortune, never one to go seeking the gold, just a hardened road warrior who toured around the world album after album. His band so well respected, could have easily commanded a headline slot, but Lemmy would only ever humbly play to his audience appearing below many lesser bands on any bill.

      His statue at the Rainbow Bar & Grill will be a fitting tribute to the man since it was his favourite haunt and only a stagger away from his L.A apartment. I’m glad I made a $10 contribution to the very statue and will be proud of helping it getting funded together with so many others that made donations.

      Cheers Evie, Raise a glass of Jack n Coke, To Lemmy!

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