Lemmy – The Definitive Biography By Mick Wall Review

Lemmy - The Definitive Biography by Mick Wall ReviewI got Mick Wall’s book shortly after Lemmy’s Memorial Service broadcast live on YouTube Jan 9th, 2016.  Earlier, I read & heard Lemmy’s voice in his own biography, White Line Fever. Looking for a new angle and to cross reference, I trusted Mick Wall enough to tell the Lemmy story in his own way. Seeing as he was a close friend to Lemmy for many, many years, I got the book. Before this one, I’ve enjoyed Mick’s other works on Black Sabbath – Symptom Of The Universe.

Allow me run you through the details.

Lemmy, The Definitive Biography Features:

Bourbon soaked tales of & loud fast, overdriven rock n roll.

Such as…

  • How Lemmy was already a star before many of his contemporaries in the Rocking Vicars.
  • To becoming Jimi Hendrix’s personal roadie & score acid for the hotshot blues guitarist.
  • Assuming vocal duties for Hawkwind’s Hit Single ‘Silver Machine’ & then getting the boot.
  • Forming Motorhead, a term for an amphetamine speed freak which, Quite conclusively, was the soundtrack to Lemmy’s life.
  • Topping the U.K charts with the at No.1 album NO SLEEP ‘TIL HAMMERSMITH.
  • Earning the reputation that if, Motorhead were to move into a house next door to you, your lawn would die!

The book is based on Mick’s Interviews with the Iconic gravel-throated frontman. A friend of Lemmy’s for over 35 years, he sourced plenty of reading material from those who also knew him well. They Include old band mates, friends, Managers, fellow musicians & record business insiders. Here’s a quote on the back sleeve of the book, which Lemmy says of Mick in typical humorous style.

Mick Wall is one of the few rock writers in the world who can actually write and seems to know anything about rock music. I can and do talk to him for hours – poor bastard.

Who’s it For

It’s For A). Fans of loud overdriven Rock n Roll. B). If you enjoy Jack & Coke. C). It’s a perfect pairing if you enjoy mixing A+B together!

Where To Find?

Amazon   Amazon. u.k  Kindle Edition

Alternative Reading.

White Line Fever By Lemmy. Iron Man By Tony Iommi. I Am Ozzy By Ozzy


  • If you’re familiar with Mick Wall’s writing, it’s written in his unique style and you get the sense the author clearly had a bond with Lemmy. Knowing the man for over 35 years is a good sound source as any to start your reading.
  • There’s not too much technical jargon or tour date schedules that often slow the pace down in other biographies.
  • Fans old and new should enjoy this book. There’s no kiss ass language or attempts to make Lemmy seem someone who he wasn’t.


  • There have been complaints the book makes short reading. Compare that to Mick’s Other Books on AC/DC. Metallica, Zeppelin & Sabbath, this seems a fair point to a man of such legendary stature.
  • No mention of Metallica’s Birthday bash for Lemmy’s 50th? hmmm..
  • Some fans have felt the book was released too soon after Lemmy’s death or rushed out to cash in.

Last Words

There’s that saying “When there gone, there gone”. & this dearly hits home with the recent passing of many a legend, namely Dio & Bowie. Added with the health scares of Tony Iommi & Bruce Dickinson of cancer respectively, it’s now we look back and celebrate an era that’s all too soberly coming to and end.

Some say Lemmy was the last living icon for rock n roll, & unsurprisingly, cigarettes, amphetamines & copious amounts of whiskey would only lead to a shorter run.

He did though, sing at every motorhead show, ‘But that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t want to live forever’

So it’s comforting to know that at 70, albeit ailing health, he’d done more than most could ever dream of.

In fact, when Lemmy told Mick about not wanting to live forever, he said ‘ I want to go the day before forever. To avoid the rush’

And for that, this book will run you through those better moments how we loved and remember him before he succumbed to illness on December 28th 2015.Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo

Bless him. Make your J.D a double, turn the pages & enjoy!

Lemmy – The Definitive Biography By Mick Wall Is Out Now From Orion Books

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