Lemmy’s Funeral & Memorial Service

It’s just under an hour’s wait until the Funeral Service of Lemmy. Here as I am biding the time to celebrate the life of the Gravel-voiced frontman of legends Motorhead, I thought I’d make an evening of it and watch Lemmy the movie before the proceedings.

This would be a timely reminder of why this iconic figure is so well respected around the world, fans and musicians alike. The movie shows a man totally unfazed by the trappings of rock n roll stardom and is simply just himself.  A down to earth hero with no onstage persona & no fake attitude.

Writing here with just 40 mins to go I’m not sure what to expect but I know of one thing right now, that this man will leave a vast void in the rock n roll world as we head into 2016. It really is perhaps fitting to say that not only did Lemmy play Rock n Roll – he was Rock n Roll.

Lemmy Memorial Service

When you think of the influence Motorhead had, it cannot be understated. From being hailed to being the forefathers of thrash, with the speed, their attitude, that Rickenbacker bass played with distortion through a guitar stack. Motorhead dealt it in spades. The double kick drumming of Phil ‘philthy animal’ Taylor who further extends more loss of having died recently. Motorhead will be missed to all that live and breathe for the spirit of Rock and Metal Music.

My story starts as a Motorhead fan when I got the Orgasmatron Album. And that very track was so dark, so heavy for someone who still had Bon Jovi & Def leppard on repeated listen. It made a turning point in my life and opened the door to more heavier music.  And while Lemmy always denied he was Heavy Metal, Motorhead without a doubt opened my ears to a meaner, grittier sound I hadn’t heard from all the L.A hair metal bands at that time.

When news broke of Lemmy’s death, many fans flocked to his local drinking den The Rainbow Bar & Grill to pay tribute to the late Bass player. Many shot gasses clinked and toasts ‘TO LEMMY’ echoed about the place. Fans congregated & told stories about Lemmy. Here’s one in particular that reminds us of his kinship towards his fellow men.

One guy out on his birthday at the Rainbow was drinking with his buddies and things got a little too rowdy. In Rock n Roll clichéd fashion, a T.V set was smashed and a mess ensued. Lemmy, minding his own business, and in forgiving spirit, quietly made out a blank cheque to pay for the damages. A legend indeed.

So as of the 28th December 2015, Lemmy will no longer frequent the Rainbow Bar & Grill. His place on the bar stool playing video game poker will be sadly absent. Tonight the jukebox will be cranked respectfully loud and most of the bartenders will wear Motorhead t shirts.

Today, I still have my motorhead T-shirt from my teens, It’s torn and tattered, faded & Jaded, but it’s for keeps. The spirit of Motorhead will always live on with me forever and I’m sure for millions of you around the world.

Keeping this short, I’m off to get comfortable, and pay my respects to Lemmy as he is laid to rest.

I’d like to wish everyone to keep well, keep safe & keep rockin.

All the very best,



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