Maiden Heaven-A Tribute To Iron Maiden CD

Maiden Heaven – A Tribute To Iron Maiden was released along with Kerrang! Magazine Issue number 1219 on the 16th July 2008. It features 15 covers from the cream of the metal elite such as, Metallica, A7X, Dream Theater, Machine head, Devildriver & Trivium.

The inside of the give away CD has a sleevenote by then Editor Paul Brannigan, who includes a quote from Lars Ulrich telling how Iron Maiden have earned such a great following after building up a unique special relationship with their fans.

Maiden Heaven- A Tribute To Iron Maiden


Here’s Paul’s Sleeve notes to introduce the cover CD

When Steve Harris formed Iron Maiden in Christmas Day 1975, he had a single goal in mind, to play music that was ‘fast and aggressive, but with melodies’.

From such modest ambition, a legend was spawned. The band who have graced the cover of Kerrang more often than any other, Iron Maiden are quite simply the greatest heavy metal band ever.

From 1980’s self titled debut through to 2006’s A Matter Of Life And Death, the East London band have amassed a stunning, unparrelled body of work which has defined heavy metal and inspired generations of rock fans to start their own groups.

But it wasn’t just the music which struck a chord with fans wordwide: as a lifelong fan and Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich told Kerrang recently:

‘From their relationship with their fans, to their album covers, to their stages, to their live presentation, to their photos- whatever they did it was always cooler than what everyone else did!’

The stellar line up for the killer tribute album you’re holding right now is a testament to Maiden’s hugely influential and wholly uncompromising career.

So on behalf of all of the bands on Maiden Heaven, all headbangers, earthdogs, hell rats and rivetheads everywhere, thank you gentlemen: UP THE IRONS!

Maiden Heaven- A Tribute To Iron Maiden Tracklist.

1. Black Tide Prowler

2. Metallica Remember Tomorrow

3. Avenged Sevenfold Flash Of The Blade

4. Glamour Of The Kill 2 Minutes To Midnight

5. Coheed And Cambria The Trooper

6. Devildriver Wasted Years

7. Sign Run To The Hills

8. Dream Theater To Tame A Land

9. Madina Lake Caught Somewhere In Time

10. Gallows Wrathchild

11. Fightstar Fear Of The Dark

12 Machine Head Hallowed Be Thy Name

13. Trivium Iron Maiden

14. Year Long Disaster Running Free

15. Ghostlines Brave New World.

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Any of you rabid maiden fans gotten a hold of this tribute CD? Then hell, chime in with a comment below!

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