Marshall Amp Fridge-Cool or What?!

Could anything be cooler than having your own Marshall Amp Fridge? Just to open up the door & reveal a fridge with a secret stash of chilled beers ready in cold storage.

In what appears at first to be a real stack, you can surprise & delight your rocker buddies with the impressive look alike Marshall Amp Beer Fridge.

Because behind the lifelike cosmetics based on the JCM800 head, it hides a remarkably spacious refrigerator, complete with adjustable glass shelves and a freezer compartment. That’s nice & handy to add in a few ice cubes for those Jack n Cokes. You can even stash away some Frozen Pizza’s in there too for those hungry moments after band practice.

So not only would this look great amongst your gear it will serve you well in times of a much-needed beverage after a jam session. Perfectly at home in your environment, this would compliment any man cave, studio or garage.

It’s a must-have piece of rock and roll history and one that Rock n’ Metal aficionados will be proud to show off in their homes, or wherever else they like to relax with a nice cold drink.

I also reckon these would look seriously cool in any Rock Club or Bar to thrill punters with a bank of these baby’s filled with chilled beers.

This beauty really looks incredible with the genuine Marshall parts on the control panel with dials & switches.

Combining the iconic look of the famous Marshall Amp with the utility of a small refrigerator, it comes with fine detail. Complete with the genuine Marshall logos & Jim Marshall’s signature and control knobs that go to 11!

All in all, although it’s a relatively small unit, there’s plenty enough storage to stash the beers!

Get yourself totally amped with this cool fridge, no pun intended. Because the detail on this fridge is the same as Marshall Amplification’s high-quality Workmanship. Now with the classic look of the Marshall guitar amplifier & the practicality of a bar fridge, you can get your hands on the legendary logo from one of most famous brands of rock history.

The Marshall Fridge maintains the same commitment to quality and dedication to cool that Jim Marshall, the Father of Loud, established half a century ago when he created his first signature amp.


Product Description

Literally the coolest thing you could have in your music room or studio, a place to chill your beers and keep your snacks frozen in style.

The reversible door opens to reveal a 112-litre fridge, while the head hides a 12-litre freezer.

Dimensions are: Depth: 57 cm/ 22.5 inWidth: 52 cm/ 20.5 in Height: 81.5 cm/ 32 in



Black Fret Cloth And White Piping

A staple on Marshall Amps, the Marshall Fridge uses authentic black fret cloth, accented with classic white piping and brass rivets.

Jim Marshall Signature

The newest member of the Marshall family proudly bears the Father of Loud’s signature.

Classic Control Panel

The Marshall Fridge uses authentic Marshall parts. And these control knobs are no exception. Like everything good in rock, they even go to 11.

Genuine Marshall Logos

Born into a legacy of over 50 years, the Marshall Fridge features the most iconic logo in rock

Marshall Amp Fridge

***Some Questions about the Marshall Amp Fridge:***

1. How many beers can you fit in the Marshall Fridge?

With the Adjustable shelves, you can fit in as many as 36 standard size (330ml) beer bottles or 30 (500ml)  Ale bottles ala’ Trooper.

To house the smaller beer cans it would have the capacity to chill up 52  x (12 Fl. Oz.) or 30 x (500 ml) ‘Tall Boy’ U.S Cans.

Door rack holds 3 x 1-litre bottles, good for larger size 1-litre beers or 3 x 75cl wines.

  • Refrigerator capacity – 112.6 Litres
  • Freezer Compartment capacity – 12 Litres
  • Total capacity – 124.6 Litres

2. Is there a freezer in the Marshall Amp Fridge?

Yes. So here you can freeze up some ice cubes to slip into your Jack n Cokes. Or stash away some frozen pizza or handy microwaveable meals. Keep some Champers ultra cool for that record signing deal. Who knows?

3. What are the Marshall Amp Fridge Dimensions?

The fridge is 52 cm wide x 81.5 cm in height. You will need 57 cm depth so this should fit comfortably under a standard utility space. It’s large enough to keep your beers but not so bulky as to cause storage problems.

4. Does it go all the way to 11?

Hell yes! This can be dialed up to 11 for maximum cool Rock n Roll factor, Although this will not be functional to the temperature of the fridge. Like all good things in rock it goes up one more than anything else.

5. Marshall Amp Fridge Price.

Looking at the Amazon listing this is priced at an $399.99 with free Shipping and I would urge you to take a look at the many reviews there. See below

On the official Marshall site it is priced similar, please look at the shipping details on the FAQ Page.

What Amazon Buyers are saying about the Marshall Amp Fridge

The Good

Great Gift! Keeps the beer cold and everybody gets a laugh when they realise it’s a fridge. Perfect compliment to the band’s studio! Verified Purchase 6 January 2016

This is an awesome mini fridge. I bought this for my son for Christmas. He actually thought I bought him a new amp until I showed him it is a mini fridge. He LOVES it, and it works GREAT. It regulates the temp better than any other mini fridge we have owned, but I will admit I have no idea if keeps ice cubes or ice cream frozen because we don’t use the freezer section. As for its looks, it really looks like a Marshall amp. It is a great addition to a music enthusiasts collection and it’s a pretty freaking awesome mini fridge.

The Bad

Poor quality workmanship. Bad Box. You are paying for the novelty, not for a good fridge. Very dissatisfied. Took 3 replacements due to factory damages, and even the third had it’s problems with door seals. Verified Purchase February 8 2015

So Who endorses Marshall Amp Fridges?

Slayer’s Kerry King says

Standing in the midst of the first Marshall Refridgerator I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s pretty cool & I’m definitely having one at my house next to my Marshall Cabinet Bar, which is one or two of a kind. Yeah man, looks like the real deal. So i think everybody gonna want one- I know Gary Holt does, Cheers!

Zakk Wylde says

The new Marshall Refrigerator, which is a wonderful product. Back in the day when i used to enjoy adult beverages this would be stocked full of ice cold frosty beer’.

Lemmy with Marshall Fridge on Tour Bus

Lemmy showing off his Marshall Tour Bus Fridge

**Now Introducing the new Motley Crue Final Tour Fridge**

Please check out the Official Marshall site for more details on this Signature Fridge.

So fancy owning one of these must-have Marshall Amp Refrigerators? Do you agree that the coolest icon in music just got cooler?

Let me know by dropping me a comment below as I would love to hear what you think.


  • Christian says:

    What a great idea, I have never seen these before. I would totally stick it next to my real amp and guitar! This is a very cool, totally unique niche and the website is laid out very clean. In fact, much more so than some other websites I’ve seen lately 🙂 Great job.

    • Pete says:

      Nice one Christian, Yeah, them Marshall Amp Fridges look like they belong right next to a Gibson Les Paul & a Marshall stack. I also love the Motley Crue fridge which is a great parting gift for their final tour.

      Thanks for the cool appraisal here at Rock n’ Metal Collectables.

      Take it easy on that trial bike!

      All the best,


  • Chris says:

    Oh man that does look awesome – coming from a guy that studied guitar at Leeds College of Music…I love this!
    I’ve gone through so many Marshall, Orange and Vox amps in my time – never come across a novelty like this though!
    Straight on my birthday wish list – do you know if Amazon supply them?

    • Pete says:

      Hey Chris

      Thanks for dropping us a line here

      Yeah, from guitar player to another these Marshall Amp Fridges look rad. In fact what could be better after a jam session than to open one up and relax with a few chilled beers. These look just like their actual counterparts and would look great alongside your amp stacks.

      I think the Marshall Amp Fridge looks the business but even better it’s now available as the cool Motley Crue Marshall Amp fridge. See the Marshall Website for more info.

      Would be good if Marshall were to do more fridge Amps, Those that actually endorse Marshall Amplification, Say, GN’R, Motorhead & AC/DC to name but a few.
      Cheers again chris and yes! the Amp fridge is listing over at Amazon, I’ll provide the link, Go Here.“>

      Nice one, Come back soon to see more updates on awesome swag here at Rock n’ Metal Collectables.

  • Claudia says:

    I love this site! This is so awesome. I hope to see a lot more of you and I’m looking forward to reading more posts. I loved the post on the gunners, that was so interesting! You know so much about metal. Keep up the awesome work!! I’ll be a regular to the site.

    • Pete says:

      Hey Claudia!

      Thanks for getting on board and leaving a comment here, really glad you enjoyed the Guns n Roses Nightrain-the story behind the song.

      This site is evolving everyday, & I’m working on it offline and generating a ton of ideas which will come in future blog posts,- I aim to post one at least once a week, so check back!

      The Marshall Amp stack is a must have item on my list for definite. Just to open up the door and have a selection of signature Motorhead & Iron Maiden beers to hand out. That would be ultra cool!

      So thanks, for the words of encouragement and I hope to see you here again soon…

      Till then,

      Rock on


  • Raymond says:

    Wow indeed! This is pure awesome looking fridge that would fit well to any rock n Roll fans kitchen or studio room out there. Looking at the details of the knobs and the quality of the cover is just awesome.

    I wonder, do they have a full-size fridge version of it?

    • Pete says:

      Hey Raymond!

      Yeah, this thing is mint, especially if the Marshall Amp Fridge was fully stocked with AC/DC, Motorhead & Iron Maiden Beers!

      The attention grabbing details are made to look just like a Marshall Amp, ’til you open it up & wow your friends with the ultra cool interior of a beer laden refrigerator!

      No, there is no full size Fridge/Freezer version. At present, the Marshall Amp Fridge is designed to hold 4.4 cubic feet and have the same dimensions of a stand alone under the unit fridge to give it realistic Marshall looks.

      Cheers Raymond,

      Rock on!


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