Metal for Men Cologne-KK Downing Fragrance

Ex-Judas Priest Guitarist KK Downing has launched his own line of Metal for Men cologne and Perfume. Metal for Men & Metal pour Femme fragrance. His new products are for both men & Women.

He has a range of products, Such as 100ml Eau de Toilette for men and a 50ml Eau de Parfum for women, with the gift set for men also containing the Eau de Toilette and a luxury shower gel.

Along with each set, comes a limited edition signed card by KK and free guitar pick.

KK Downing Metal for Men Fragrance. Metal pour Femme

K.K says: “These fragrances both look and smell fantastic and I think that they are the ideal gift for all rock and metal fans this Christmas!”

Teaming up with The Astbury Fragrance Co. Metal for Men & Metal pour Femme have now been launched last year by the former guitarist and founder member of Metal Gods Judas Priest.

The Astbury Fragrance Co. has made available a number of special edition versions of both Metal for Men and Metal pour Femme which are personally signed by K.K.

Launching his products on Planet Rock Radio, here’s the quote from the website.

A message from K.K. Downing:

Dear rock and metal fans,
It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of my new fine fragrances, Metal for Men and Metal pour Femme.

For quite some time I have thought of creating fine fragrance products specifically for everyone that is endeared to rock and metal music. My new fragrances are created with the association of a world leading perfume house which has provided great products for some of the world’s most successful brands.

I truly hope that one of these fragrances will make the ideal gift for the rock girl, or rock guy in your life.

I also hope that Rock fans throughout the world will enjoy my fragrances, and it is a privilege for me to be able to bring these exciting new products to you through the UK’s premier rock radio station, Planet Rock.

With my very best wishes,   

The Grammy award winning guitarist also spoke to Planet Rock’s Paul Anthony about his fragrances and how they come about. Paul caught up with KK at the Rockstock festival last year.

Here’s what KK had to say….

Mr Downing’s Products have been well received on the Amazon customer reviews from both men & women alike and have made points about it being a great collectors item.

One enthuses-Awesome gift for every Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Woman!!!

It’s not the first time fragrances & perfumed products have entered the metal realm, as Detriot City Rockers Kiss have already pipped KK to the post.

Kiss do everything, in fact they even do condoms! So it’s no surprise they have their own cologne, including deodorants.

Metal for Men Fragrance

While his fragrances are on offer to the willing consumer, the legendary axe-slinger has also set his sights on another business venture to keep him occupied. A keen Golfer, KK has bought and invested in Astbury Hall estate which includes a 63-room hotel, indoor swimming pool, spa and a top class restaurant.

KK quit the metal band after 40 years and spent most of his personal fortune on Astbury Hall after selling over 40 million records with Priest.

With grand plans to attract some of the world’s best golfers and competitions to his site, he is making a championship course of true quality with beautifully manicured playing surfaces and built to USGA specifications.

Meantime, his ex-bandmates are currently wrapping up their Redeemer of Souls U.K Tour at the time of this post. But as hinted in the video above, we’d all love to see KK rejoin Priest for the foreseeable future, wouldn’t we?

So Rockers, the question is… would you wear Metal for Men or Kiss Cologne? Would you buy it for the missus? or would you, yourself mind this as a gift?

Could you imagine a pink-shirted Kerry King or a clean cut Zakk Wylde ever patting their chops with this stuff?  I’d love to hear what you think.

Just for those who like to ‘try before you buy’, you can get a sample of both Metal For Men & Metal Pour Femme along with a signed Guitar Pick by K.K. Just simply head over to the Metal for Men Website and for £3.00 you can have this posted to your door. I pulled my envelope out of the letter box just this very morning and was happy to get the sample and signed guitar plectrum from the legendary axeman. It comes on a peel away tester card  that’s advertising for Valentines Day.

To find Helpful reviews at Amazon or for more info on the Official site go here. U.K. USA. Metal For Men Home.Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo


  • Viljoen says:

    Metal for Men looks like a great brand when it comes to cologne. I just wonder how much does it cost?

    What makes this cologne unique in the sense that it is associated with metal bands? It is also great to see that they have this for women also.

    Where can I get this because I see that you do not offer a link to this product?

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Viljoen for visiting Rn’MC today.

      Yeah, the Metal for Men Cologne & Fragrances have been received well by the reviews of the product and well done to KK for making this available to us in the rock community looking for something like this.

      Good questions. I’d like to answer them for you.

      Here’s how the idea for KK’ s Metal for Men Came about…

      He thought about how there is nothing out there on the market for rock and metal fans in respect to fragrances & with his mum always asking him what he wanted for Christmas, it was an idea that lead him to team up with Astbury Fragrance Co who have released some top brands to date.

      It is more or less marketed for an audience of Rock n’ Metal fans and fills the gap of Fragrances & perfumes available to rockers. The name Metal For Men is a great name by association for the music & Fragrance.

      The cost?

      On the official site it retails at £35.00 and offers free shipping to UK ,Europe, USA and Canada.

      Metal for Men & Metal Pour Femme costs $59.99 on & £34.99 at

      Depending on where you live and how fast you want shipping, I will add a link in for people to check it out on the Official site and to Amazon.

      Thanks again Viljoen

      All the very best to you this Christmas Season!


  • G.C.Horton says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of Metal for Men cologne. Like another comment mentioned, I wonder how much it costs. Of course, most bottles of cologne will last for many years. It doesn’t take much.

    I wish there was some way we could test smell Metal for Men through the internet.

    • Pete says:

      Hey there G.C.

      Metal for Men is not something you’ll see out in the shops just yet, but those interested should check out the website for more info. It’s been backed up by very good reviews and I for one wish to personally test some time soon.

      Ha, the only thing we can do for now is request a tester bottle for a trial, Sadly aromatic reviews are only available in another world dimension… Well, Maybe?

      O.K, G.C, Thanks for visiting today.

      Very best


  • Jessica says:

    This is pretty cool. I never would have thought that metal music would do something as mainstream as having their own line of cologne. My brother loves this type of music, so of course I am wondering if he would also love the line of cologne. Do you know if it will be offered in stores, like Macy’s, where we can sniff. I don’t like the idea of buying cologne without smelling it myself.

    • Pete says:

      Hey Jessica,

      Thanks for visiting today.

      I thought about how Metal For Men might be too mainstream myself, after all metal fans like to dress down and grow beards. So how it appeals to the men? I’m not sure…

      As for the girls, I can see this being a likeable product. both the Metal for Men & the Metal Pour Femme do smell nice. My partner agreeing that it’s subtle yet pleasing to the nostrils.

      I haven’t seen it in any stores as it’s available from online orders only. If you would like to have a smell you can order the Metal fragrances sample card, featuring the unique ‘Scent Crystal’ peel tabs to experience BOTH Metal Cologne for Men and the Ladies Metal perfume Metal pour Femme.

      It costs just $5 and comes with a Limited Edition Metal for Men guitar pick with free postage.

      I got my sample in a matter of days and I will order Metal For Men to make a review of the Cologne here on Rock n’ Metal Collectables this coming spring. Loved the free guitar pick.

      Thanks again Jessica, why not send off for the free pick for your Bro, he will love it as a collectors item.

      Very best to you,


  • John Rico says:

    I think this cologne is a great cologne. Based on the story and review you give. Im finding my new cologne cus I dont like the cologne I got now. I have some questions. How much the cologne cost? How does it compare to other colognes like lacoste and more?

  • PHIL says:

    I have been a fragrance collector now for about 2 1/2 years and have quite a lot of bottles and varieties from cheaper to a number of high end ‘Niche’ frags and very rare ones.
    I ordered the sample card of Metal for Men/Women and though it was faint it was an excellent scent for men, I got notes like Neroli, citrus,all drying down with slight touch of jasmine,Patchouli,Cedar and I think Sandalwood.
    This scent was just very masculine but had a refined gentlemanly modern vibe.My family loved it. SO of course now I have the bottle on the way in the post…I can’t wait! Thank K.K. like your songwriting and guitar playing the frag is also quality!

  • Sylvain says:

    S H A M E. I have ordered a package for men and women. While there seemed to be no problem on the women fragrance which was strong enough, I was hugely disapointed by the male one. Not that the scent is not good. But strangely, I have found the sillage and the lasting of the fragrance to be totally subpar few minutes after spraying. No wonder : I’ve received an aftershave, not an Eau de Toilette ! There is even a sticker under the bottle where it’s clearly written “Aftershave”. I have sent a few emails to GBT, they took weeks to answer. The customer service was very poor, as they were never able to join Astbury Fragrances to talk about this issue. Even the typo on my bottle is different ! My advice : DON’T BUY !

  • Phil R. says:

    I bought ‘Metal For Men’ in March of this year 2018.It is one of the loveliest fragrance I own,very modern and masculine yet a little sensual.I have received many compliments when wearing it I collect frags and it already is in my Top 3!
    It has great longevity 2-3 sprays and you;re good to go for up to 1o hours!

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