Metal Hammer Magazine 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Metal Hammer Issue 288

Metal Hammer Magazine’s most recent Issue for the month of October 2016 is their 30th anniversary. So here from Rocknmetalcollectables I’d like to wish them all the very best for another 3 decades of heaviness!

I’ve always been seen clutching this very magazine since it’s inception back in the 80’s & will still be lifting it off the magazine rack every month like forever. I’ve seen this Mag feature all the classic metal era in the 80’s to grunge in the 90’s, making way for the rise in popularity of punk & Nu Metal trends in the noughties. Now it seems the compass point is straight when heavy metal is back bigger than ever albeit split into so many mind blowing sub genres. Long Live Metal Hammer!

The latest Issue comes jam packed with features from some of the greatest and influencial bands to grace its pages over the years. We’ve got Maiden, Metallica, Slipknot, Slayer, Lamb Of God  Killswitch, & Korn and so many more. Metal Hammer flashbacks to its previous magazines cover stories and takes a glancing probe at them then and now. S’all good stuff.

Now, if that doesn’t already make up for a bangin’ issue they’ve also slipped in an incredible 15 track covers CD for you to enjoy. Included in the anniversary edition are the ‘Decades Of Destruction‘ 1986 – 2016 cover versions reimagined by Korn, Sabaton, Asking Alexandria & Devin Townsend. The track listing given the cover treatment are equally impressive to the ears.

There’s Slipknot’s Duality, Marilyn Manson’s Mobscene, Limp Bizkit’s Breakstuff, Slayer’s Disciple, Metallica’s I disappear just to mention 5 of the 15 tracks you can get your hands on. So if you want a riveting good read accompanied by a 3 decades of destruction go grab your copy now.

But wait! Even more goodies coming your way in the form of a free A7X book titled A Brief History Of Avenged Sevenfold. – Telling tales of Waking The Fallen, M Shadows meeting Slash, their Take Action Tour, headlining Download festival and much more page turning antics. Enjoy!

Metal Hammer Issue 288 is available at all good newagents.Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo

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