Metallica EET FUK T-Shirt

Metallica- EET FUK guitar tshirt

Expanding on their vast range Metallica have released the iconic EET FUK t-shirt to its fans.

The two-word slur was stuck to Papa Het’s Guitar during the ‘Justice’ tour and can be seen here on the body of his ESP Explorer.

While Hetfield has reportedly said the EET FUK meaning is unknown, the actual purpose of the two words remain very much unclear.

However, upon further research, it’s perhaps best rumoured to be an account of James’s favourite activities, sleep being the 3rd avocation, but had to be cut off to fit across the guitars body.

Also on the fretboard are the ‘Fuck You’ inlays from the Metallica main man’s  ESP which apparently now resides in the Metalli-Museum.

(Interestingly, the guitar has recently been resting in The House Of Guitars, 641 Titus ave Rochester N.Y where the band recorded their seminal record Kill ‘Em All.)

James Hetfield’s “EET FUK” explorer guitar is printed on a black T-shirt with the classic ‘Metallica’ logo in red printed above. It comes with back print too, so when you’re out in the clubs or concert halls, you’ll be showing the EET FUK” logo on the back!

Should you want this piece of printed history upon your chest you can find it from sizes Small to XXL.

And depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you are, my sources for the EET FUK t-shirt are Amazon for U.S & EMP Online for U.K

Here’s a handy size chart from EMP to find your perfect fit.


U.S Amazon shoppers please take note of their sizing guides before ordering, & UK EMP shoppers the terms of delivery.

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