My ‘Fallen Heroes’ Heavy Metal Battle Jacket

I recently searched online to find a denim vest to make my battle jacket. Once that was done the next part was to find some patches to sew on. Browsing plenty of cool finds my ideas took a turn, in fact, for better I’d say.

Originally planned to make a Battle Jacket to show my metal evolution story, I discovered some tribute memorial patches and the gears and cogs in my head went crazy.

So for my first battle jacket, I’m planning to take on a theme, & in flash here’s announcing… my “Fallen Heroes Battle Jacket. Hell yeah!, I plan to adorn the garment with a fitting tribute to all the legends of metal who’ve passed away & left a notable legacy.

Let’s see now, there’s going to be…. Lemmy, ….Dime, ….Dio, ….Cliff, ….Randy Rhoads, oh, & Bon Scott. Yep, all the usual suspects. This seriously sounds like a hand- clasping good list to me.

And the cool thing?  The ‘fallen heroes’ theme seems just about the perfect name for a battle jacket. What d’ya think?

Randy Rhoads Memorial Patch

You see, most times I go out with fellow metal heads, we always end up raising our beers or shot glasses to those who have passed away. It’s just something we always do.

So right now I can picture myself in the moment toasting proudly wearing my unique ‘Fallen Heroes’ Battle Jacket”

And that’s what a battle jacket should be. A way of saying who you love & like to celebrate.

My idea came to me at download festival when I witnessed amongst a sea of filthy sodden trainers, crowd surfers and slam dancers, how many people wore battle jackets whilst going crazy to Municipal Waste. The fan reaction in the mosh pit was intense, & the circle pit was so thriving with patched denim, I just wanted one so bad!

On that Saturday, June 11th, there was a tribute to Motorhead’s frontman Lemmy announced onstage by wrestler Triple H…So I’m thinking, why not fix up a denim with patches we can all raise a warm flat beer to next year? Going forwards, this will be my aim to get my Battle Jacket ready for next years big fests, Download & Bloodstock 2017.

Looking back as I wrote about Battle Jackets on my last blog, the idea was simple enough, and it still is. I’ve just taken another direction & I’m stoked to get cracking with this project.

Now alas, with the initial orders being complete, it’s waiting time for the battle jacket denim vest and patches to arrive. But whilst I wait with gleeful anticipation, let me show you what I’ve chosen to order.

Lemmy, Dio, Cliff Burton & Randy Rhoads (pictured above) Memorial Patches.

I can also include legendary Keyboard player John Lord, Hendrix, & maybe Drummer Nick Menza…we’ll see.

So for now…

I plan to leave this battle jacket post open and for updates as my battle jacket progresses. The denim & sew on patches have already cost me as much as I can afford this month, and secondly, the shipping is from overseas so I won’t see any of the material for 2-3 weeks.

Not to worry, as I said in the last post, Help Starting A Metal Battle Jacket, the work will be incremental by taking affordable steps to accomplish my goal for a complete battle jacket summer 2017!

Please note this post is in working progress, so stay tuned for updates on this ‘Fallen Heroes Heavy Metal Battle Jacket Post.

Post update 4th September: Battle Jacket ordered through amazon has been dispatched & scheduled delivery date is Saturday, October 1st! If you’re thinking of ordering overseas items & want your battle jacket in a hurry, you may want to reconsider. It could be faster by paying a little more to a local retailer to save you the long wait.

O.k, talk soon…

Post update 20th September:

At last the Sleeveless Denim vest has arrived in the mail this morning, & wow it seemed like eons ago. But given the fact that it was shipped from China is hardly surprising. Worth the wait though & now I can get cracking.

Must say about the item, it’s a perfect fit, me being a 44 ” chest. The 6 XL (Asian Size) size I ordered is just right so I can button it up no probs. Another thing, my memorial patches also came along with the delivery so my ‘fallen heroes’ battle jacket can get immediately underway.  I’ll be up loading photo’s soon.


Post update 23rd September:

Hey rockers and metal heads! I’ve just got some of the patches sewn onto my Battle Vest, and although I’m not a dab hand at using a needle & thread the work is done. Got the Randy Rhoads patch on the back below the neck and the rest around the front shoulders and pocket. My next move is to get the Dio Memorial Patch on the other side and I’m thinking to get one for Jeff Hanneman ordered. Sound a good idea? Alrighty then, I’ll get back to work…

Post Update 14th October:

I’ve just ordered the Dio Memorial Patch from eBay. This is coming across from China & the estimated shipping is going to be between Mon, 31 Oct.–Tue, 22 Nov. So yeah, its some wait before I get that one delivered, but I can’t find anything like it close. Just seen a Jeff Hanneman Patch from Germany & I’ve been out bidded to the tune of nearly £15 including postage. Not going to bite on that one as it will be almost £30 on just 2 Patches today! I’ll Keep searching….

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