Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure-Details & Review

Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure Review

My Review of the Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure released by Macfarlane Toys in 1999.

Here’s My Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure, & as I remember, I bought him in a model shop in town. Standing a little jaded he has stood the test of time and moved with me to about 5 different addresses. I’ve had this little fella for well over 15 years now, but I don’t have the original box and I’m quite annoyed about this as it’s a great collectors item. However, packaging issues aside, I do like to keep Ozzy ornamental. So right now he’s out of the box & on display, but if you ever get one, I would advise you to keep the Macfarlane boxing somewhere safe.

Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure


Ozzy Osbourne Action figure-Details & Features.Ozzy action figure with blood coming out of his mouth

  • Ozzy came with Bats and a Crucifix that can be raised aloft. This is removable and not moulded into his hands. Sadly at the time of taking these photo’s I can’t find it.
  • At his feet, you can display the bloodied headless Doves and scatter some Bats.
  • Blood runs down the left side of his mouth.
  • Long flowing cloak that looks cool with 2 skulled broaches over his shoulder.
  • His boots are well detailed too, moulded with chains and studded straps although again Ozzy has never wore such boots on stage in his solo career.
  • Wearing 3 physical bracelets on each arm that are not moulded into the plastic.
  • There is some good detail, like the tattoos of his demon on his muscled torso & the Rose on his left shoulder with Sharon below. These tattoos are more in keep with the late 80’s – 90’s as the metal madman now sports a full sleeve of ink.
  • His chest is adorned with 3 chains and his famous Crucifix that each band member wore in the Sabbath days. (His father Jack gave them each member to ward off a curse after turning down a gig at Stonehenge.)

Ozzy Osbourne Doll with Stained glass backdrop.

The Ozzy action figure comes with a backdrop of 3 arched stained glass windows. The central arch has a cross with Celtic style weaving. The other 2 that stand abreast are detailed with a climbing rose bush. Hmmm? Not exactly Metal?Ozzy with moveable legs on action figure

Over the top is the distinctive Ozzy Osbourne logo that was first published on the No More Tears Album.

Summary of Ozzy Action Figure.

  • Doesn’t look like Ozzy.
  • Looks like he’s been on Steroids.
  • Plastic backdrop Stained glass arches have warped over time.
  • I would advise to keep him out of sunlight and Bats/Doves away from small children.
  • If you move his legs his stance looks either plain wrong! or funny.
  • Accessories can easily get lost.

A great ornamental model, better than the cartoonish ones I’ve seen. However a very inflated and over exaggerated action figure. Sadly, he looks more like Dez Fafara on steroids than the charismatic Sabbath front man.


Ozzy Osbourne Macfarlane Toys Collectable Action Figure

So that’s my take on things. It’s a shame Macfarlane toys didn’t give Ozzy a life like resemblance. Saying that I wouldn’t ever sell or give this away & after all, as a collector I did go out and buy this.

Red Arrow

Wrapping things up here, I’d like to know if you have any Action Figures Or Dolls? Are you happy with what you bought or got as a gift? If you have a collectors item or a story, then go ahead & let me know in the comment box below.

Look forward to it!





  • Andrea says:

    A very entertaining review!

    I, myself, do not own any action figures and after your detailed review, I will not purchase this one either. Great advice, thank you!

    I checked the rest of your site as well (as I’m also a metal fan) and it’s really a great site to visit!

    • Pete says:

      Hey Andrea!

      Thanks for visiting RocknMetalCollectables today.

      Unfortunately, the Ozzy Osbourne Action Figure that was made by Macfarlane Toys looks a bit too fake and offers no real life resemblance to the Prince of Darkness, Notably, his facial features are nothing like Ozzy’s at all.

      I Bought mine simply ‘ cause I’m a fan and I love it with the same token. But Why they had to make Ozzy look like some ripped wrestler is anyone’s guess? I spose they were trying to put the ‘Action’ in the figure.

      Maybe someone will get it right and make something more convincing for the collector, here’s hoping.

      Anyway Andrea, Thanks again for nosing around in here, hope to see you again,

      Very best,


  • RuthM says:

    This review made me go over and look up some pictures of Ozzy Osbourne. I have only really known him as the older man that he is, so when I saw images of him as younger, he is almost unrecognisable. But much more like the figure that you are showing in this article.

    Great stuff!

    • Pete says:

      Hey Ruth, thanks for visiting RnMC today.

      I think Macfarlane Toys could have moulded a better figure of Ozzy instead of making him look like a ‘Caped Action Man’, but I ‘spose the whole idea was to put the action look in him. It’s not easy to get a mass produced plastic doll to look spot on so I can be tad forgiving on that one, so despite his unrealistic looks he’ll not be tossed away for recycling anytime soon!

      Cheers Ruth, nice to see you here.


  • Shawn says:

    I think it looks a lot like someone else, lol, but it is collectable so there you go.
    I have a ton of ceramic dolls my mother collected for years and were passed down to me.
    I had them appraised in the 80s and the collectrion was worth around 3K
    No idea what it is worth today.
    I have heard that the bottom had dropped out of the business though, what do you think?


    • Pete says:

      Hi Shawn, & Thanks for Visiting this Ozzy Action Figure Review.

      That’s a nice little nest egg you’ve got yourself there, especially if you have the full set of a collection, it’s perhaps worth your time investigating the value of Ceramic Dolls, just so you can get them safely insured.

      Some Porcelain Dolls are very valuable, and once Antique Dolls have disappeared from the market.they become a treasured item never again to be reproduced.

      So I wonder if such ‘collectable’ items are going to increase in value, as everything nowadays is turning techy with ‘disposable’ gadgets & all.

      Worth looking into.

      Cheers for Dropping by & all the best.


  • Andrew says:

    Hi there, this is a great review of the Ozzy action figure. I think this figure is more “action” than it’s “‘Ozzy”. I really like action figures in general and like you would have purchased this, just for the collection. But you have to wonder what they were thinking when they made this, it really looks nothing like him! I do however like the logo design and backdrop that sits behind Ozzy. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Pete says:

      Hey there Andrew, thanks for chiming in to this post here.

      Yeah, over all I too would agree that the Ozzy Action Figure has been superimposed to look more ‘Action’ than the now real life & almost infirm Oz, God bless him. The Backdrop & the Bats probably sealed the deal for me, with the over hanging Ozzy Logo and the individual Bats scattered at this feet.

      Macfarlane Toys also did a ‘Bark At The Moon’ Ozzy figure which is more in keep with one of the character and theme of that album, so it’s a shame they didn’t make either the ‘Blizzard Of Oz’ or ‘Diary Of A Madman’ figure and kept him looking classic, rather than this one that looks more like Dez Fafara on steroids. Ha Ha!

      Nice to see you here at RocknMetalCollectables

      & Cheers,


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