Sabaton – ‘The Last Stand’ Review

Sabaton - The Last Stand Album ReviewI first heard Sabaton after receiving a free cd given away by metal hammer magazine. The track was a live version of ‘Ghost Division’ recorded at Woodstock, Poland. Sure enough, it was a good introduction to the Swedish military power metallers. Back then it clocked up many a view on youtube and I’ve loved their style ever since.

Now 8 albums into the fray comes along their latest release, ‘The Last Stand’ & the newest one to hit my desk. Let’s go over the finer details…

Sabaton’s Newest Album ‘The Last Stand’ Features:

An album chock full of battlefield & bloodshedding tracks.

Such as…

  • Blood Of Bannockburn – Celebrating Scottish Victory- See video below for a taste.
  • The Lost Battalion –  Recount’s the United States 77th Division in the battle of the Argonne Forest.
  • Shiroyama – Commemorates Japenese Sword swinging ‘Last Stand Of The Samurai’ style.
  • Rorke’s Drift- Spears & Bayonnettes aplenty about the Anglo-Zulu war.
  • Winged Hussars – Battle cry to the Polish-Lithuanian Cavalry at the Battle Of Vienna.

As the album title may suggest, ‘The Last Stand’ is indeed not their final victory, so fear not, ’cause the Sabaton war machine will roll on as Singer Joakim Broden recently commented in Kerrang Magazine.

Unfortunately, When it comes to ideas for lyrics, people have already created plenty of subject matter for us. There’s enough material for 200 albums across military history.

If you are new initiate to Sabaton or bombastic songs about military history, you might fall forever in love with their anthemic chant alongs. To get a preview of their forthcoming album release, check out Blood Of Bannockburn on this Vid!

Who’s it for?

Any bookish metalhead that loves to soak up the chapters on military history, or more simply, if you love to have a good ole sing along at one of the summer fests, then this is clearly for you.

Where to find this?

Be it a Physical or Digital copy, you can set your sniper sights on Sabaton’s latest offering either at Amazon or Apple.


Sabaton are in a league of their own playing niche War Metal honing their craft on famous military battles. So, entertainment wise, we can surely count on their brand of war & weaponry for those interested in anthemic fist-pumping power metal. 


As above, Sabaton have ploughed their furrow well, and just like Iron Maiden or AC/DC you’re getting exactly what you’d expect. New listeners might find Sabaton’s chest beating metal war anthems a little on the cheesy side or sound like Eurovision metal contestants.

Alternative Albums/Essential Listening.

Try these.

Grand Magus, Hammer Of The North. Helloween, My God Given Right. Hammerfall, Legacy Of Kings.

Final Words.

While the Scandinavian power metal battalion keep faithful fans happy with subject matter both ancient & modern, it’s not entirely copy and paste from previous efforts. Eight albums in, Sabaton are closely guarding their own identity while giving a different sound to what they’ve done before.

Yes, it’s operatically over blown, and yes, it’s so chest-thumpingly good, it’ll doubtlessly please a shirtless front row audience, but all in all, who would want to change them anyhow?

So one thing is for sure, Sabaton will always continue to make albums of the same ilk. And that’s fine and dandy with me. Now if that’s bang on target for you, then jump right into the maelstrom and enjoy!Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo

Sabaton’s The Last Stand Is Out August 19th Via Nuclear Blast Records.

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