Slash- Made in Stoke 24/7/11

Slash-Made in Stoke DVDFilmed at The Victoria Hall in Stoke on Trent July 24th, 2011, this film marks the home coming gig of it’s greatest & iconic guitarist. Known to his early relatives as Saul Hudson, now better known as Slash. This film takes you into the Victoria Concert Hall for an evening of R&FN’R from the top-hatted former Guns n Roses legend. Once a native to Stoke where he grew up as a child, the boy who flew across to L.A and became a star finally makes a return to the town he left behind all those years ago.

Out on tour with Myles Kennedy-Vocals, Todd Kerns -Bass, Brent Fitz- Drums, Bobby Schneck- Guitar, the frizzy haired six-stringer speaks about coming back to his hometown after so many years.

I left Stoke when I was five years old, and I have a lot of vivid and great recollections of living here. I even went to school here. It was only when I moved to Los Angeles that I became a vagabond!

He continues.

One of the things about doing a solo record and setting up my own tour was that I told the powers that be that I wanted to play in places I’d never played before. And so Stoke was something that was high on my list and I told them just make it happen. Finally I could get to play there after all these years of trying.

Made in Stoke Tracklist

The concert setlist Features 21 songs that span his solo, Snakepit and Gn’R career.

  1. Been There Lately- (Slash’s Snakepit)
  2. Nightrain- GN’R (appetite for Destruction)
  3. Ghost- (Slash)
  4. Mean Bone- (Slash’s Snakepit)
  5. Back from Cali- (Slash)
  6. Rocket Queen- GN’R (Appetite For Destruction)
  7. Civil War GN’R- (Use Your Illusion II)
  8. Nothing to say- (Slash)
  9. Starlight-(Slash)
  10. Promise- (Slash)
  11. Doctor Alibi- (Slash)
  12. Speed Parade- (Slash’s Snakepit)
  13. Watch This- (Slash)
  14. Beggars & Hangers on- (Slash’s Snakepit)
  15. Patience- GN’R (Lies)
  16. Godfather Solo
  17. Sweet Child O’ Mine- GN’R (Appetite For Destruction)
  18. Slither-(Velvet Revolver)
  19. By The Sword- (Slash)
  20. Mr Brownstone- GN’R (Appetite for Destruction)
  21. Paradise City- GN’R (Appetite for Destruction)

Opening up the DVD booklet, British Rock Journalist Malcolm Dome provides the inside notes with quotes from Slash.

Asked about how did the home coming gig feel for him? He replies,

You know, I have to admit that as we drove up to the venue, I did feel an extra bit jittery, because this was Stoke. But I was also aware that the gig was being filmed, and that put extra pressure on making sure the performance was good. Overall, though, I was just looking forward to getting onstage and playing.

Post show Slash says,

This was a special night. It was the first time I’d been back to Stoke since I was a boy. Some members of my family were in attendance. Most of whom I hadn’t seen in at least that long. The energy was up, the crowd was intense to say the least. Hopefully, some of that is captured on this DVD. R&FN’R- Slash.



With over 20 minutes of Slash talking about the collaboration with his on tour vocalist Myles Kennedy, & working with a roster of rock stars including Lemmy, Ozzy, Fergie, Kid Rock, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop etc, he also talks about his early memories of Stoke and what it’s like to come back after all these years.

He reveals how he got the ball rolling with Iggy Pop on the track “We’re all gonna die.” Then soon after he called up other big names to join his project.- & how he loved working with Black Eyed Peas’s Fergie.

Fergie Beautifully Dangerous

Beautifully Dangerous. Fergie has a great rock n roll voice, says Slash.

His memories of growing up in Stoke are still very crisp & he remembers his Grandmother & Grandfather and going to school there. He says he has been trying to get back to Stoke for years, but promoters were never interested. Now he’s really looking forward to it. His Uncle Ian has a guest list for the guitarists relatives and he’ll be reacquainted with a lot of those he didn’t know.

Earlier memories of leaving Stoke are the at airport & flight bound for Los Angeles. Then how he felt the tremors of an earthquake at his grandmother’s house on his first night in L.A. After which being taken into laurel Canyon with his parents into a very creative environment.

His Mother was a Costume designer for David Bowie & his Father a Graphic Artist who designed album covers for Joni Mitchell. So it’s here, growing up in star-studded surroundings that shaped Slash to become a ‘lifer for music’ as well as more recently starting up his horror production company.

Asked in the interview how he would be liked to be remembered?, he replies, as “someone who had his heart in the right place and kept his musical integrity & not such a bad guy”.

Myles KennedyMyles Kennedy Made In Stoke Interview

Alter Bridge frontman Myles talks about getting the call some years back and not wanting to leave his band. Shocked when Slash called. However lucky for him he did get that call again 7 years later. But this again amazingly, was after he had one from Jason Bonham to join a Led Zeppelin Reunion tour. Sadly this never got underway and the in-demand singer never got to jam over in London.U.K.

Myles talks about keeping his greatest asset in check, the voice of his that got him selected to work with velvet revolver, Jimmy Page and Slash. The trick? Well, no partying. The vocalist keeps his voice in prime condition by not indulging in the alcohol. He did once let his resolve go however when he met Motorhead Legend Lemmy. Not wanting to refuse a drink with old lemster, (formerly from Stoke on Trent himself ) He took a Jack & Coke with Lemmy and then saved the cup in his bunk for the rest of the tour!

Like Slash, he too pays tribute to Fergie as being a great rock singer, & tells how he loves it when Slash hits the first notes of Sweet Child O’ Mine on stage.

When Myles is asked to describe Slash, and what he’s like off stage, he comes up with a “even keeled, cool, calm, & quite an exceptional person”.

Uncle IanUncle Ian Interview-Slash Made in Stoke

This part of the film is great if you’re a Slash fan. Because it’s here his Uncle Ian takes you inside Slash’s childhood home at Consett Road, Blurton, & Shows you his old bedroom and some revealing old photo’s. You also get a quick peek of the Sutherland Primary School he went to.

His uncle Ian says he never thought his nephew, a then young Saul Hudson would ever become the rocker AKA Slash, but recognises the fact that his brother Tony’s (Anthony Hudson) talent had rubbed off on his son. And while Tony commuted around it’s here’s where slash stayed in Blurton with his Grandparents and Uncle Ian near the potteries.

Ian talks about his brother’s talent and the album covers he did for Joni Mitchell and then after we get to meet Slash’s long lost relatives in the pub before the show.

Rock n Metal 90x90 LogoThis serves to remind us how one little lad left behind a working class environment, went to the hills of Hollywood and became household name. Fascinating stuff.


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