Thrash – Back To Skool From Metal Hammer Magazine Issue 167, 2007

At a time that couldn’t have been more perfect, I’ve just discovered this fitting gem over the U.K Bank Holiday. And for many of us who’ve enjoyed a holiday or long weekend, alas it’s back to work or school. So to keep your hearts alive here are the few of 15 old school thrash metal tracks.

This Compilation CD was given away with Metal Hammer Magazine way back in 2007 , but nonetheless, it’s good to have blast from the past before we hit the treadmill again.

So if you like your Thrash old school style you’ll lap this up. Favourites of mine are Municipal Waste’s Headbanger Face Rip, SSS’s The Beast & Sanctity’s Beneath The Machine.

Thrash – Back To School Full Tracklisting

  1. Anthrax –  ‘Deathrider’Thrash - Back To Skool
  2. Exodus – ‘Raze’
  3. Municipal Waste – ‘Headbanger Face Rip’
  4. Death Angel – ‘5 Steps Of Freedom’
  5. Destruction – ‘Mad Butcher’
  6. Sanctity – ‘Beneath The Machine’
  7. Kreator – ‘Pleasure To Kill’
  8. SSS – ‘The Beast’
  9. Evile – ‘Enter The Grave’
  10. Sacred Reich – ‘Surf Nicaragua’
  11. Hyades – ‘Buried In Blood’
  12. Mastery – ‘Lethal Legacy’
  13. Flotsam And Jetsam – ‘Iron Tears’
  14. Tankard – ‘Empty’
  15. Gama Bomb – ‘Hammer Slammer’

Here below are some personal highlights of this collection. Be sure to let me know in the comments below what you think of all this glorious racket.

I say

Witnessing Municipal Waste at Download Festival this year I can honestly attest to the ferocious fan reaction when they thrash out belters like this & my personal fave, Sadistic Magician. Here’s Headbanger Face Rip to enjoy with all the finesse of grainy VHS Quality!


Sacred Reich’s Surf Nicaragua inclusion of wipeout’s guitar riff by the Surfaris is just sublime, even with drum solo being lifted from the original track.

Sanctity’s slick polished production and slightly more modern thrash get’s its hooks into you right here.

Those interested, I’ve got a tonne of these compilation albums I can share highlights of. I’ll keep on posting from my entire collection with vids from YouTube as this is a lawful way to share without any copyright infringement. But if you want some free music that’ll keep you up to date & from the archives, keep an eye out on the magazine racks as they often throw in a free disc.

O.K fellow bangers, you got anything to add to this post? Then hell, chime in with a comment below!Rock n Metal 90x90 Logo


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